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Zeolites & Cancer

Before reading, I can only tell what might be possible based on available research, and I do not intend on treating anyone's cancer.

What is zeolite?

Zeolite is a mineral that occurs naturally in volcanic rock. It has proven unique properties that ensure that zeolite is highly effec­tive at binding to positively charged toxins such as mercury, alu­minum, lead, and other heavy metals. In addition, zeolite also binds to other common toxins, including radioactive particles, plastic residues such as BPAs, and pesticides, including glypho­sate and fungi, amongst many other things. A lot of research has been done into the effect of zeolite. Zeolite has the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status of the FDA in America.

Why choose Advanced TRS Nano-Zeolite?

Advanced TRS is a unique zeolite product that has many advan­tages over other zeolite products on the market. Advanced TRS is produced in a patented manner at a nano size. This means that 1 bottle of Advanced TRS equals nearly 9 kilos of zeolite powder from product X. In addition, unlike zeolite powder, Advanced TRS is so tiny that it exists inside a cluster of water. Thanks to this colloidal structure, Advanced TRS can get anywhere in the body where water comes, unlike zeolite powder. As a result, it effortlessly detoxes beyond the blood-brain barrier, an important place in the body where toxins accumulate.

This is related to how TRS and zeolites possibly affect cancer and using the product while on certain treatments. The rise of modern industry has resulted in an increase in cancer-causing chemicals. One of the great challenges of modern medical science is preventing, treating, and curing cancer. The potential for using zeolite to treat cancer has recently drawn the attention of some scientists. A growing body of evi­dence supports zeolite's role in cancer treatment.

Zeolites may help to eliminate carcinogenic toxins from the body, especially a category of carcinogens called nitrosamines. The most common sources for these nitrates include processed meats, cigarettes, and beer, and they have been linked to pan­creatic, stomach, and colon cancers. Even with diet restrictions, most people still consume more nitrates than they should for optimal health. Zeolites can reduce nitrate absorption as well as the absorption of several other carcinogenic substances.

Even more interesting is research demonstrating the ability of zeolite to suppress tumor growth. Studies on cell models and animals have been promising. In one study, zeolite was found to target certain tumor suppressor genes, thereby in­hibiting tumor growth. In another study, zeolite was given to animals with varying types of cancer. Supplementation with zeolite led to tumor shrinkage and overall health improvement in some animals, with one of the most exciting results involving skin cancer. Although the degree of improvement varied depending on the animal and type of cancer, significant improvements were seen in some animals, and none suffered any side effects. TRS antioxidant properties may also prove beneficial to cancer patients since antioxidants have a long track record of aiding cancer treatment programs, though in some cases, the exact mechanism that makes antioxidants useful for cancer treatment is still not well understood.

It is critical for proper cellular function that the body maintains a healthy pH balance of acid and alkaline levels in the body. Slight alkalinity(a pH of 7.35-7.45) is considered optimal for good health. The body regulates blood pH in several ways. For example, the kidneys and lungs provide mechanisms for pH regulation while the kid­neys remove excess Hydrogen ions called protons in a relatively slow process, and the lungs remove extra CO2 in a much faster process, often during exercise. The acid-alkaline equilibrium is also regulated by a series of acid-base buffers composed of a weak acid and a salt base.

TRS has an ability to attract excess Hydrogen ions based upon the concentration gradient helps correct and maintain a healthy body pH which reduces acid reflux symptoms, arthritis, infections, and cancer and improves overall cellular function. So what do we know about cancer? It thrives in an acidic environment.

TRS can influence the health of the immune system in several ways. The most apparent effect zeolite has on immunity is its ability to remove toxins, heavy metals, and allergens from the body. All of these things have been known to affect the immune system negatively and seriously compromise overall immune health. Ze­olite is also believed to have nonspecific antiviral properties. By eliminating these potential health threats, zeolite indirectly im­proves immune function. But that is not all. A growing body of evidence suggests that zeolite also has immunomodulatory effects. This means the chemical composition of the zeolite may actually have non­specific immuno-stimulating effects. Scientists believe that zeolite may be able to activate large groups of T-cells. In a study on patients being treated for immunodeficiency, six to eight weeks of clinoptilolite zeolite was found to increase the blood counts of certain immune cells.

A powerful testimony of a young post-cancer patient.

My oldest son is 9 years old. He was fully vaccinated until he was 2 years old. 8 months later, he was diagnosed with leukemia. The oncol­ogist told me they didn't really know how he got leukemia. That was not a sufficient answer for this momma. I researched and research and became convinced that the ingredients in vaccines had to play a hand in his diagnosis. How does a healthy 2-year-old have cancer? He was breastfed the first year, we ate organic food, used non-toxic cleaners, and as a nurse, I was super careful about not handling any medication without gloves and avoiding all radiation while I was pregnant. I thought I had done everything right. I had a Dtap shot before I knew I was expecting and a flu shot during the second trimester. I am an RN but never once in nursing school, clinical's, or any of my jobs did any point out the ingredients of vaccines. I was never told about VAERS, and I worked in the emergency room. We were taught how to give vac­cines, signs, and symptoms of anaphylactic reactions, and most impor­tantly ... everyone must get vaccinated! So when I was reading the in­gredients for the first time, and I saw formaldehyde (a known carcino­gen), I lost it. How is this even possible that these vaccines contain all these chemicals, but no studies have been done to see if they cause cancer. Ethan went through 3 years and 2 months of chemo. He has a port placed and removed, 2 bone marrow aspirations, and 23 spinal taps with Methotrexate injected back into his spinal fluid. The goal is for it to cross the blood-brain barrier to prevent leukemia from spreading into the central nervous system. I recently came upon infor­mation about the MTHFR mutation. I requested Ethan be tested, and he is positive for c667t homozygous MTHFR mutation. As you can imagine, this sweet boy of mine is so toxic from vaccines and all the chemotherapy, steroids, radiation from scans, and anesthesia. He is having long-term cognitive issues. He is not the same little boy as he was before chemo. He is not affectionate at all; he is always tired and catches everything coming and going.

Chris introduced me to TRS. I prayed about it and immediately felt at peace. Ethan just finished week 1, and I am already seeing changes. Today my sweet little bit hugged and kissed me on the cheek for the first time in forever! He is not dragging in the morning like he used to. He is not having nearly as many meltdowns as before. We had a play date, and instead of hiding behind me, he immediately started talking to the little boy. This is huge. I know TRS is going to detox my baby, and I pray the old Ethan, who was happy and full of life, is returned to us!


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