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You're missing out if you are not taking Root!!!

Ok, everyone, it's time to throw away all of your supplements, synthetic or not, and invest in Root. Root has EVERYTHING you need.

I love all the products and can't get enough!!! Here's why you should switch to Root.

Clean Slate

Clinoptilolite is nature's most potent detoxifier possessing a unique

ability to remove many different toxins and chemicals from the

environment. Clean Slate was originally formulated from

clinoptilolite. Clinoptilolite acts as a molecular sieve designed

explicitly for heavy metals, for example, mercury, lead, arsenic,

viral particles, and others such as glyphosate, agent orange, and

depleted uranium.

As Clean Slates passes through the body, it binds to toxins, heavy

metals, allergens, viral and bacterial particles, and other harmful

substances. The cage-like structure of Clean Slate allows for

passive elimination from the body through urine.

Clean Slate is a proprietary formulation utilizing multiple patent-pending

technologies and trade secrets of bioavailable silica, vitamin C, and trace minerals. The utilization of these processes and techniques assists the formula to be more efficacious.

1. Binds to and removes heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, and radioactive contaminants. It also rids the body of parasites.

2. Improves intestinal barrier.

3. Enhances nutrition absorption from diet.

4. Improves immune function.

5. Enhances wound and scar healing.

6. High antioxidant activity.

7. Reduces tumor cell growth and formation.

8. Improves hormones and endocrine function.

9. Lowers and regulates blood lipids.

10: Fights systemic inflammation.

11. Enhances oxygen delivery to cells.

12. Provides protection to neurological renal and hepatic systems.

13. Antimicrobial against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

14. Improves electrolyte balance.

15. Helps prevent oral dysbiosis.

16. May reduce alcohol toxicity.

17. Can stabilize blood glucose levels.

18. Reduces excess urea in the blood.

19. Reduces symptoms of GERD.

20. Can reduce NSAID-induced gastritis.

21. Boost natural collagen production and strengthen bones.

What to expect with Clean Slate

It's possible to feel fatigued and "run down," headaches, and upset stomach when first detoxing.

After 120 days of using Clean Slate, you should expect your cells to regenerate.

Heavy metals, toxins, and parasites leaving your body

Improved sleep

Bowel Regulations


Clear mind

Better concentration

Weight regulation

Reduced cravings

Passive Detoxification

Clear and glowing skin

Reduced body odor

Increased collagen production

Reduced body fat

Reduced inflammation

Dosing Clean Slate can be different for everyone. The goal is to work up to 10 drops a day.


The ingredients in Restore are targeted to assist the body and its natural ability to support the immune system, gut health, healthy blood pressure, and bone health. In addition, Restore has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Restore aims to support the body, improve focus, and assist its overall innate immune system to do what it does best.

Further, the ingredients in Restore are designed to assist the gastrointestinal tract in promoting appropriate function. Restore uses a proprietary formula that includes multiple patent-pending technologies and trade secrets. In addition, Restore utilizes various processes and techniques to enhance its effectiveness.

Ingredients in Restore

Black seed oil, resveratrol, turmeric, raspberry ketone, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, and d-ribose

Restore is packaged in 15 sachets, a month's supply taken orally every other day or take half a sachet every day.

You could start with one-fourth of a sachet and build up to a whole sachet. Restore is not a meal replacement; it is a supplement. Heat exposure and direct sunlight can damage Restore.

Restore is best taken in the morning because it improves focus and increases energy.

Everyone is unique and has different requirements to maintain their health. Therefore, listening to your body to decide what works best for you is important. Some people take up to 3 or 4 sachets a day because of how great it makes them feel.

• Take in the morning or evening with or without food

• Refrigerate for a nice chilled treat

• Add to smoothies or yogurt

Benefits of Restore

Helps suppress appetite

Increases fiber content(Laxative effect)

Supports wound healing

Supports bone health



Boost immune system

Reduces belly fat

Lowers cholesterol

Lowers blood sugar levels

Supports health teeth

Supports healthy blood pressure

Promotes weight loss

Regulates blood sugar

Promotes longevity

Protects the brain

Eases joint pain


Supports skin health

Metabolizes energy

Has Alkalizing effects

Supports body hydration

Reduces bloating

Increased metabolism

Supports hair growth

Supports heart health

Boost energy

Improves sleep

Anticancer properties


An all-natural nootropic (as we like to call it) blend of five adaptogens and two catalysts. Zero-In triggers the gut to produce dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters. Increased dopamine has been associated with improved mood, razer sharp focus, concentration, mental clarity, and cool, calm, and collected. Zero-In uses a proprietary formula that includes multiple patent-pending technologies and trade secrets. In addition, Zero-In utilizes various processes and techniques to enhance the formulation's efficacy.

The benefits of Zero-In are not addictive in any way. Zero-In helps support increased attention span and concentration levels through natural proprietary brain formula.

Mental Acuity: Aids healthy brain function and focus while improving the delivery of oxygen cells.

Ingredients in Zero-In

N-acetyl L-tyrosine, anhydrous caffeine, L-theanine, velvet bean seed, pine bark, curcumin, and vitamin D.

• Take 1 capsule in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach).

• You can take up to 4 capsules in a day. If a reduced dose is required, open the capsule and take as needed.

• If you have problems swallowing capsules, add to food, yogurt, smoothies or any liquids

• Some people find that taking two in the morning helps them throughout the day

• One pill can provide benefits for up to 5 hours

Natural Barrier Support

Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C are combined in ROOT's Natural Barrier Support to work as a blockade against infections and inflammatory diseases and boost the immune system.

Relive Greens

RELIVE GREENS is a powerhouse of vegetables, fruits, prebiotics, and probiotics to work synergistically to support a healthy immune system.

Relive Greens possess powerful ingredients, including dark leafy greens, green superfoods, fruits, prebiotic fiber, and probiotics. These ingredients are combined to promote a healthy gut microbiome, helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels, aiding digestion and nutrient absorption, supporting hormonal balance, detoxification, and providing the body with a good source of fiber in every serving. Root's Relive Greens is a clean formula made with whole foods without added synthetic vitamins or minerals to help boost your energy, promote a healthy immune system, control weight management, and enhance metabolism.

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