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Weight & Heavy Metals

Science shows a strong correlation between exposure to envi­ronmental toxins and weight gain. In fact, weight gain has been recorded even without calorie intake and found to be one of the leading causes of not only obesity but diabetes too.

The research showed a relationship between insulin resistance and persistence in organic pollutants (POPs) - toxic environ­ment chemicals usually transported by wind and water.

Since POPs have the ability to stay in the environment for a long time, high levels of exposure have been linked to the dis­ruption of normal metabolism in the human body. This is be­cause they interfere with the body's ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol, eventually leading to insulin resistance.

One of the reasons it may be challenging for you to lose weight might be you carry too many toxins. In such a case, the body is weighed down by the number of toxins it needs to pro­cess, creating new fat cells to store up these toxins away from the healthy organs. This is the body's first form of defense in light of possible poisoning. It thus becomes almost impossible to lose any weight regardless of how you limit your calorie intake.

It is until you take out the trash, figuratively speaking, that your body can function in the normalcy it should if the toxins will not already have damaged your body organs or functions. This means detoxifying your cells which will melt away excess fat, create lean muscle and reduce your body burden of toxins.

Advanced TRS has been proven to help in cellular detoxifi­cation. With Zeolite encapsulated in water clusters, it reach­es anywhere water can be, including cross blood-brain barrier. Advanced TRS will attract, trap and remove heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants through the body's natural process.

Testimony 1

When I first started to change my diet and take detox seriously, I lost so much weight/waste even though I didn't change the amount of calories I consumed.

Testimony 2

I have always eaten a lot, and eat often, constant sugar cravings, mood swings depending on blood sugar levels, no energy, always tired, basic diet nothing special, as I aged the lbs started to stay, 6' 1781 bat 25 turned into 6' 1 21 Olbs at 47. Prior to TRS, I was eating a healthier diet, yet energy and overall well-being were still missing. As soon as I started TRS, I lost my sugar cravings, lost my overdrive appetite, began eating a lot less, and have plenty of energy to spare, my sense of well-being re­turned to a good place. I lost 1 O lbs in one month. Whatever it is, I'll take it. Prior to TRS, it was impossible to avoid sugars and eat less. I sus­pect it's candida that drove my cravings.

Testimony 3

Not everyone has the same health issues; therefore, not everyone will have the same results. BUT YOU WILL HAVE GREAT CHANGES!

Just over 2 months in at 5 sprays

Detox symptoms the first 6 weeks were ROUGH!!! I had to take breaks, added some supports. I couldn't loose weight despite the fact that I was eating and exercising (I started TRS, diet, exercise all at once)

My goals with TRS for myself are to see improvements

in the following areas

I have an enlarged thyroid with tons of cysts that seems to grow each year.

Chronic candida issues

Hand tremor and muscle twitching(started after Gardasil)

Chronic joint pain

Testimony 4

After 2 months I have started losing weight again, 2bs. The picture posted is NO weight loss, lots of exercise/good eating, and a hap­pier, less bloated GI track. (I normally would have lost 10lbs by now) I stopped my probiot­ic due to extreme symptoms(l'm assuming rapid die-off.) I have not been able to stop my probiotic for 2yrs without having a candida flare up until now. I have been off of it for over a month with no flare-up. I suddenly have nails??? I have always been a chronic nail biter, but suddenly I stopped??? I have a thyroid follow-up in October, and that will mark 6 months with TRS, so I'm excited to see more gains.

My 6yr old vaxxed; he had a small eczema patch clear up. He was the good kid in class but started acting up, being too silly and dis­ruptive in class. I'm glad schools out now so we can continue without school issues. I'm hoping maybe to see gains with bedwetting.


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