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Keep in mind as adults; we have bioaccumulated much more metals and toxins throughout our life. A child, for example, might show more extreme toxicity symptoms like speech and motor problems, but that is due to their developing body re­acting to those toxins. A small amount of metals can cause huge problems in a child as they cannot handle what is being thrown at them, such as vaccines. As adults, we notice more common symptoms of the build-up of these metals. The head­aches, brain fog, chronic pain, sleep problems, anxiety/de­pression, etc. These symptoms manifest as the metals are ac­cumulating within us.

Being on the earth for much longer than a child, we have been exposed to much more over time. Drinking water con­taminated with fluoride, lead, arsenic has accumulated. Any vaccines we have received is accumulating aluminum and mercury. Dental fillings means more mercury. And the holy grail of toxic poisoning, the geoengineering process causing us to receive years and decades of aluminum, uranium, cad­mium, barium, etc. My point being as adults, we have WAY MORE metals and toxins built up in us.

As an adult, you are much more likely to experience an emotion­al purge as you detox due to a flood of toxins leaving your system. TRS was designed to be easy on the body, but we all have varying levels of toxicity. Purging decades of toxins and other harmful substances from your system stirs up all kinds of things within you, and many are surprised at the other emotional changes that result.

The truth is, it's not at all uncommon for anyone to experience waves of emotions, from anger to depression/anxiety and even fear, in the process of detoxing. As your body cleanses, certain emotional reactions are bound to take place.

If you feel any anxiety coming or even tears, don't try to fight it; this will only magnify your symptoms. Instead, accept what is happening and acknowledge the feelings. The emotional release will often feel like a weight we have been carrying for a long time has been lifted. Roll with your feeling, do not resist. Be honest with why you're feeling this particular wave of emotion. Could there be suppressed feelings from your past that have never been dealt with? Could this be a trauma release? Did something happen that is still bothering you? Sometimes the answer will be apparent, and other times you won't know; either situation is just fine. If something is asking for you to deal with it, don't resist.

How to support yourself during this phase:


One of the best ways to do this is to journal about it. Allow for whatever pops up to be written do\i\rn and considered. As with any writing, try not to judge yourself and let it all out freely! You may come into this knowing you have work to do in certain areas; for example, if you are quick to anger, you know it's a good place to start. You could ask a question like, "vVhy am I so angry?" Once you have something, ask yourself why you feel that way. Please continue to write and continue to question until you get to the root of it.

Meditation & Pray

Now that you have identified something to work out, the next step is to either meditate or pray on a deep level about how you feel about this. Speak those hurts out and let God's healing wash you.

Forgiveness of Others and Oneself

As rewarding as it feels to release yourself of these pent-up emotions and dissolve the negative association with that person, it doesn't mean you've forgiven them. This is extremely important because if you don't forgive the offender, the emotional baggage will return, and you'll have to work at it all over again. The cycle will not break until you can forgive. This is definitely not easy, especially because it is often assumed that if you forgive, it means you condone the action or offense. But that is not true. To forgive means that you are truly at peace and ready to move on without any attachment to the past hurt or trauma. You also have to find compassion for all involved, includ­ing yourself and the offender.

Tools to Help with Your Detox

Emotional detoxing is a lot of work and can feel yucky and uncom­fortable at times. To help ease the process, some choose to wear or hold Rose Quartz which is especially helpful for grief, self-love and has a tremendous calming effect. Apache Tear is another type of stone that's great for letting go and releasing repressed emotions. Grounding Blend, Joyful Blend, Encouraging Blend are great essential oils that can be massaged over your heart and upper abdomen to help you release those emotions. I also take walks and spend as much time in nature, disconnected from technology, with our Creator to help clear my head.

Fill Up with the Good Stuff

It's time to fill up the empty space you've created with things that bring you joy and revitalize you. Laugh. Watch a funny movie or read a funny, light-hearted book. Move your body. Dance in the kitchen while you make your breakfast or grab a hula-hoop and twirl around outside. Listen to upbeat music or motivational speeches while you get ready or on your morning commute; talk to a friend or spend time with your family as this is a great time to make or foster loving connections.


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