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Treat your immune system right, and it will love you back!!

Now more than ever, in today's crazy world, making good health choices will help you immensely. We as a society are so used to a quick fix or a quick stop at the drive-thru, anything that is easier or done more conveniently. We have become LAZY; but who doesn't love a little help once in a while, but is it costing you your health?

Stop going through that drive-thru; make food instead. Stop drinking that pop; drink more water. Stop eating that candy bar, make homemade desserts(in moderation). Stop buying food with no nutritional value, like boxes of food that are so heavily preserved that you could store them for years and they end up still being"good," or pre-made cooked meals in the frozen section. 'OH, what would we ever do without those foods'??? I know maybe live healthy lives??

I have made choices in my life that has gotten me to where I'm at, and I think that my health has never been better. It's taken a lot of hard work to get there, but it's been worth it. You can have the same!! Stop being lazy, stop depending on people to get you there, stop relying on our world to aline with your schedule. Stop making excuses. Start setting goals and accomplishing them. Now I am not perfect; I don't eat perfectly every second of every day, I stress sometimes, and I might miss a day to workout, but it's about balance. Try making more good choices than bad.

Below are some of my tips that you can utilize in your life that can help you. Vitamin dosages are guidelines from a doctor I follow. Consult with a doctor you trust before taking any new supplements.

Tips to treating your immune system right and getting love back!!

1. Eat and drink the right foods. No highly processed foods. Don't overeat sugar. Drink less alcohol. Drink AT LEAST half your body weight in water. Stay under 1800mg sodium. Stay under 35 grams of sugar

2. Take the right supplements. Whole-food multi-vitamins(organic if possible)

Other necessary supplements are Vitamin D3, Magnesium 500mg, High Doses of

Vitamin C(not from ascorbic acid) Selenium 200mcg. Apple Pectin 700mg and Zinc.

And of course, don't forget Advanced TRS

3. Exercise for AT LEAST 30 min a day

4. Go outside and get fresh air

5. Stress less (your stress increases=it decreases your immune system)

Decompress, whether it's spending more time with friends, taking vacations with your significant other, or just taking time for yourself.

6. Make sure you're getting enough sleep

7. Utilize essential oils, I love Doterra


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