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Top Ten Reasons to Detox

In todays modern world there continues to be more and more toxins and heavy metals causing serious health issues. This list of top 10 is just the beginning.

If you have ever had, used, been a part of, or dealt with any listed below you NEED to detox!!


If anyone has ever received any vaccine, they need to detox. When metals like mercury and alu­minum are injected into the body, our body cannot handle them the same way as something that's ingested, and the metals then begin to bioaccumulate, causing severe problems.

2.If a person had or has amalgam fillings

TRS does not affect amalgams or any other im­plants in the body. It does remove toxins that the amalgams and implants release or leech into the body.

3.If you drink city water

Visit to see what contaminants are in your water.

4.You have tattoos (particularly color ink)

Even though children of heavily tattooed parents aren't born with tattoos, the heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, titanium, etc.) present within much of the ink serves as a constant source of toxicity for the liver, lymph nodes to deal with, as well as the developing babies within a heavily tattooed mother. Exposure to heavy metals is a complex contributor to many health conditions many are suffering from. Worse still, children are born today with 100's of various toxins.

5.Any suspicions of candida or parasites

Oral Thrush, Tiredness and Fatigue, Recurring UTI's, Digestive Issues, Sinus Infections, Skin, and Nail Fungal Infections, Joint Pain, Skin bumps or rashes, Weight loss/gain increased appetite, or both, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Sleep Problems.

6.You have an autoimmune disorder

Autoimmune disorders begin with metal toxicity. Look up the symptoms of any autoimmune issue and notice most of the symptoms are the same as those with heavy metal toxicity. Lyme, Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease, type-1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, Graves disease, Hashimoto's, psoriasis, etc. all times to metal toxicity.

7.You have ever smoked or been around smoking

Several heavy metals found in tobacco smoke, such as Cd, Cr, Pb, and Ni, also accumulate in tissues and fluids through smoking. Tobacco smoking is the most important single source of Cd exposure in the general population. The most important sources of Cd in humans are smoking and food. Cadmium can enter the body through tobacco smoking, diet, drinking water, and inhaling it from the air. Small amounts of Cd taken over many years may cause kidney damage and fragile bones since Cd is mainly stored in bone, liver, and kidneys. Furthermore, Cd causes stomach irritation, vomiting, and diarrhea. Cadmium and lead, present in tobacco smoke, contribute substantially to cancer risk.

8.Copper IUD

A 1996 case study found that using a copper IUD can lead to severe copper allergy symptoms, such as uterine tissue inflammation and fluid build-up in vaginal tissues.

9.Have you ever been an industrial worker

OSHA estimates that 300,000 workers are exposed to cadmium, 558,000 workers are exposed to hexa­valent chromium, and 804,000 workers in general industry and another 838,000 construction workers face lead exposures.

10.You have ever used aluminum-based deodorant

These are some culprits;



Old spice




and more....


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