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Tinnitus & Heavy Metals

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a subjective perception of sound without external acoustic signals caused by inappropriate activation of the auditory cortex.

How Common is Tinnitus?

Over 45 million American's struggle with tinnitus

67% of those regularly have symptoms for over a year

26% of those have constant or near-constant tinnitus

30% classify their tinnitus as a "moderate" to "huge" problem in their life

Nearly 20 million (6% of) Americans are dealing with burdensome tinnitus regularly.

Approximately 2 million people are struggling with severe, sometimes debilitating, tinnitus.

Systemic Tinnitus

Permanent or temporary degenerative changes in the internal ear causing tinnitus may occur with particular intensity in patients suffering from a systemic disease (diabetes, hypertension, rheumatic diseases, kidney, and thyroid gland disease.


Mercury attaches itself and creates this chronic state of inflammation. It gets into the nerves and disrupts communication. So now the pituitary gland is no longer able to communicate back and forth with the adrenal gland, and so now you have a disruption in function and a dysregulation in hormones.

And you'll see the like is also happening with the ovaries, gonads, and thyroid.

Toxins and Nerves

Toxins have an affinity for fat cells and our nerves are comprised primarily of fat.

Biotoxins, heavy metals, mercury love binding to fat. Our nerve cells are made primarily of fat. Our brain is fat; our nerves are fat; the lipid bilayer around our cells is made of fat. So when the toxins are attached to the lipid bilayer (which is so essential for cell function), it causes chronic inflammation and allows toxins to leach into the cell. Reducing the toxic load and the cellular inflammation down to the cell level is critical!

Mercury is the second most toxic substance on EARTH!

Top 3 sources of mercury:

#1- Amalgam Fillings

#2 - Fish

#3 - Vacc**** - some still have mercury, but those that don't still may contain aluminum.

Amalgam Fillings:

It was found that amalgam fillings (total, 0.7-1.2g) caused deposition of mercury in the following tissues: spinal ganglia, anterior pituitary, adrenal, medulla, liver, kidneys, lungs, and intestinal lymph glands.

*In 1988, scrap dental amalgam material was declared as a hazardous waste by the EPA. (1) OSHA has certain mandates present to handle amalgam fillings before going into and out of your mouth.

The OSHA guidelines are as such:

1. Scrap amalgam must be stored in an unbreakable, tight sealed container away from heat

2. Use a no-touch technique for handling the amalgam

3. Store under liquid, preferably glycerin or photographic fixer solution


Mercury Toxicity Symptoms


Mild Fatigue



Eyelid, face, or muscle twitching

Digestive Issues

Constipation and/or diarrhea

Frequent bad breath

Constant Body Odor



Sensitivity to Sound

Inability to concentrate (brain fog)

Abnormal Menses

Low Body Temp

Cold Hands and Feet

Tender Teeth

Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears)


Metallic Taste in the Mouth

Nail Fungus

Unexplained Anger Autoimmune Response

Mercury is not the only cause for tinnitus; it could be some other kind of dis-regularity. It could still be toxic, but it's essential to do your research.


Many of us grew up in the lead generation, where Lead was used in gaso­line, pipes, paint, and other daily use items.

Mom is our #1 source of Lead. The placenta does not protect against heavy metals. If we could remove all Lead sources from our environment, it would take four generations to get the Lead out of our bodies.

Lead has an affinity for the BONE! It stores itself in our bones!

"We know that ... for every 17 micrograms of lead in your body, your IQ is reduced by 10 points." -Dr. Brian Clement

That is literally MICROSCOPIC.



Have used TRS for approximately 6 months. I had tinnitus for over a decade, and that has completely gone away since using the detox.

Also, I had gastrointestinal issues for many years that have cleared up as well. Severe stomach cramping, nausea, and bloating have gone away, and finally feeling normal again. I was also experiencing some brain fog which has also disappeared, and am sleeping much better than I ever have in my life.


This has been the best decision I've made in regards to my health. You won't regret trying this! If you have a story about using this product, you need to let everyone know. It was only after reading the many amazing testimonials in this group did I finally give it a try and only wish I had started sooner. Hopefully, this helps someone!


I've been using TRS for seven months now and feel the need to share my gains. I was vaxxed as a child(born 1981) but haven't received any as an adult. I also had breast implants for seven years that wreaked havoc on my health. I've had many noticeable changes over the months, including better sleep, improved digestion, brain fog gone, tinnitus gone, migraines gone, cravings gone, increased energy, and more. The real biggie that is making me shout it from the rooftops is around my monthly cycle. I no longer have PMS or cramping, which is HUGE, as since I started at 16 it's been extremely debilitating pain every month. My only wish is I had started TRS sooner. So if you're on the fence at all, just do it!!


While reading posts today, I made an amazing, unexpected, significant gain: The ringing in my ears is almost gone. This ringing was more like a buzzing or a night of crazy crickets having a party and drove me often ba­nanas! I started TRS, June 17th, so today would be day 86.


On day 2 of one spray a day (my husband and I) My tinnitus that I have suffered from for over 20 years is all but gone. My husband had a "thick" throat for over 2 months (nice way of putting it), and even his Dr. didn't know what was causing the phlegm and said it would pass. It pretty much cleared up today. Both of us have clearer heads (no fogginess. I can't wait to see what other gains are to come.


I've been on TRS for just over a month, and I have so much more mental clarity; brain fog is gone. Sleeping better at night, having some vivid dreams, tinnitus is gone from what I notice and feeling more calm but en­ergized at the same time. Also, I have loud gurgling in my stomach after sprays. I've been taking one spray a day for about a month now, and I still have loud gurgling. No pain. But it didn't ever happen before TRS. I feel like it must be doing its job or something. Thoughts on what this could be?


Hi! I wanted to share an update on my TRS journey. I have been using TRS since April, for about 8 months.

Monthly menstrual cycles (I had lost my period for almost a decade due to taking birth control pills for 13 years. After 1 week of using TRS, I got my period again)

Severe anxiety, gone - I feel calm, centered, resilient, and problem-solve rather than get overwhelmed, frustrated, and flee)

Depression, gone - I carry a sense of optimism, hope, and positivity with me all the time!

Brain fog has lifted - so much mental clarity!

Attention span lengthened and focus improved - I am in college and went from struggling to take one class per semester to loading up to 4 classes per semester and maintaining a 4.0 GPA

Slurred speech and poor memory GREATLY improved

Chronic constipation gone

Passing parasites, candida, and biofilm on the daily

Low blood pressure is now in the normal range for the first time in my life

Low blood sugar now normal - no more swings or fainting spells

Vertigo is gone. I feel grounded, stable.

Psoriasis patches are disappearing, and the ones I still have are so smooth and not thick and scaly like they usually are

KP is nearly gone

Dandruff is clearing up

Bloating and indigestion are so much better!

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a thing of the past.

Body temperature regulation improved - I'm no longer freezing all the time, and when I do get cold, I can warm up very quickly!

Chronic tinnitus is nonexistent.

Sense of smell is keen now.

Weak bladder is no longer an issue. I don't wake up throughout the night to use the bathroom anymore, nor do I fear long road trips - or LA traffic - or worry about scouting out the nearest restroom wherever I go. Light sensitivity is nonexistent - I used to have to wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day and still feel blinded. Always made sure to have backup pairs in every purse, vehicle, etc. Now, I don't even need to wear sunglass­es on a bright sunny Cali day!

After living with extremely debilitating social anxiety my whole life, I am

finally in a loving and stable relationship now.


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