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Speech Problems and Children & Heavy Metals

The vast neurological symptoms that occur in children exposed to Mercury and Aluminum are:

Decreased eye contact

Repeating certain actions over and over again

Not responding to their name

Not looking at an object that is being pointed at by another poor concentration or attention and sensitivity to sensory stimulation.

Common language or speech symptoms of mercury and aluminum poisoning:

Loss of speech

Delayed speech

Decreased understanding and articulating words remembering only certain words.

Also common are social problems such as withdrawal, being irritated, aggressive behavior

Mood swings

Night terrors and other sleep problems.

In addition, other symptoms include auto-immune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, asthma, chronic ear infections, and decreased immunity

Of course, it must be recognized that heavy metal toxicity is not the only cause of all of these disorders. However, it can be said that Mercury and aluminum may be an original trigger and can set off all of these syndromes. Therefore, it is logical to check for Mercury and all heavy metals levels if these symptoms are present. And we should bear in mind that the toxic load of heavy metals is cumulative. So that beautiful, healthy young child may be a very different person later in their childhood due to the accumulation of toxins throughout the years.

Of course, vaccines are the most common way for those two toxic metals to find their way into a child. It is now known that children are born more toxic than their mothers. That's because the amount of toxins the infant's tiny body can handle is much less than what an adult's body can. Did you know research shows of pregnant women that 287 chemi­cals were detected in umbilical cord blood? We know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause congenital disabilities or abnormal development in animals.

Looking specifically at Mercury

Mercury toxicity can be responsible for countless disorders and symptoms, including;





Bipolar disorder



Endocrine disorders

Depression neurological disorders





Hot flashes

Heart palpitations

Hair loss

Brittle nails


Memory loss



Loss of libido



In fact, mercury poisoning is at the core of depression for a large percentage of people who suffer from it.

Due to the practices mentioned above, it is extremely likely that your great-great grandparents and other ancestors were exposed to high levels of Mercury, and Mercury gets passed down from one generation to the next! (Yes, this means that we have Mercury in our systems because we inherited it from our ancestors.) So those of you with parents who didn't take excellent care of their teeth and have dozens of fillings.

As a result of this mercury legacy, we are actually more intolerant to Mercury than ever before as a human race. This is because, with each passing generation, the older Mercury gets a little less concentrated and a little more diluted. This might sound like a good thing, but this results in a "reverse strengthening" of the Mercury: the more diluted the Mercury becomes, the stronger it gets when it comes to being passed down generationally from parent to child (this is similar to the laws of homeopathy, in which successive dilutions of a compound result in increased potency). And in addition to this old Mercury that we come into the world with, we collect new forms of Mercury as we go along. Thus, for optimal health, we need to eliminate not only the Mercury we've accumulated in our own lifetime but the Mercury we inherited from our ancestors as well. Otherwise, we will become increasingly sensitive and intolerant to Mercury and other heavy metals inside us as a human race.


Testimony 1

I gifted my sister a TRS for thanksgiving. She had twins, born at 25 weeks. My niece has cerebral palsy and was more underdeveloped than my nephew. She has a speech delay, bad eyesight, tics, and a few other things I forget. After 1 month of daily TRS, her tics happen less often, her eye doctor confirmed her eyesight got better, and her speech has visibly increased!!!!

Testimony 2

Started TRS 5 days ago. My family is generally very healthy, but I received RhoGam with my pregnancies, and my son had vitamin k only. He is three and very active, and while he does have a ton of words has just never been very talkative and doesn't speak in sentences. We have chalked it up to him just being so independent and physical, but I knew the exposure had been there for us both, so we decided to commit and try TRS. In five days, he is now speaking in sentences and asking me for things. He has always tried to get things for himself and would never ask us or be upset about something but was not able to express what he was upset about. And he has been coming to me and asking for something he wants, like if he wants up on the counter or telling me, he's upset because his sister pulled the blanket down. I know it may not sound like much as a mom who is with her child 24/7. I am shocked by these results. No way it's a coincidence. My husband and I also are having very vivid dreams.

Testimony 3

Hey! Wanted to share a success with the TRS! I was THAT mom who "did my research" before vaccinating my daughter and decided I must be missing something because how the heck are these legal if I have the whole story?! So I delayed my daughter's vaccines (I should have said no). Anyway, after a round, she stopped rolling over, stopped babbling, her eye contact decreased. I did all the things I could think of to detox her, realizing my mistake was massive. She is 3.5 now, not technically speech delayed anymore, but struggles with speech for sure. We started her on the TRS last month and had since started using words I didn't even know she knew! I just noticed a 3inch (ish) parasite in her bowel this morning too. I know this is all related. Thanks for all your info & all you do to inform!!! It's making a difference in so many lives.

Testimony 4

When my 3rd son was 6 months old he swallowed a piece of a water balloon and had to have to drink a barium solution while under x-ray to make sure it passed his esophagus. His personality imme­diately changed, and he was eventually diagnosed with autism. He's also completely unvaccinated, not even vitamin k. (I was fully vaccinated until age 20 and had seizures within hours of every vaccine, but my mom listened to the doctors when they said the seizures and shots weren't related. We started CBC with him about a year ago when he was 5, and he finally started saying a few words and acting more like a normal child. Two months ago, we started TRS, and he's now speaking in sentences!


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