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The CDC now estimates that 1 in 50 American children has autism. That's 2% of the pediatric population. The American average was 1 in 166 just a few years ago.

Why is there such an explosion of autism these days? It's not from better diagnosis; epidemiological studies have shown that this is a real phenomenon.

The exponential increase of autism is mainly due to the pervasiveness of toxins in our environment. It's not just autism that's snowballing. PDD-NOS, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases are on the rise, too, for the same reasons.

Toxins Passed from Mom to Child

Toxins are passed from the mother to the fetus. The EWG published a landmark report back in 2005 titled "Body Burden - The Pollution in Newborns." This report showed that a total of 287, and an average of over 200, toxins were found in the cord blood of newborns, meaning that they could only come from one place: mom. Toxins bio-accumulate over time and across generations. Every generation along the way accumulates its own set of toxins, and the toxic burden is compounded. We've reached the point where the toxic burden is so high that our babies are being born "pre-polluted," as the Body Burden report says.

Heavy Metals Highly Implicated

Heavy metals, in particular, are highly implicated as a causative factor in all of these diseases and conditions.

They are especially implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders like autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder because many of them, especially mercury, arsenic, and lead, are neuro-toxic.

Other Environmental Toxins Linked

However, you should know that it's not just heavy metals that have been linked to environmental causation for autism.

Prospective birth cohort epidemiological studies in which pregnant women are followed and then their children are followed show that PCBs, Organophosphate pesticides, Organochlorine pesticides, Automotive exhaust, PAHs (toluene, benzene, xylene, etc.) Brominated flame retardants, Per-fluorinated compounds (such as Teflon) Endocrine disruptors (phthalates, fluoride, BPA, chlorine, etc.)have all been linked to autism.

Epigenetic Changes Caused by Toxins

These toxins likely damage the fetus' developing brain either directly or by causing epigenetic changes in the DNA. An epigenetic modification means that an environmental toxin or even too much chronic stress can cause enough damage to flip a gene's switch so that a particular disease occurs. Just because your family has a predisposition for a specific illness, though, doesn't mean that you or your children will 100% end up with that disease. Diet and lifestyle choices play extensive roles in lessening the damage that toxins can do.

Sources of Heavy-Metal Exposure

Where do heavy metals come from? For starters, pregnant women are told not to eat large fatty fish like tuna or swordfish because they con­tain large amounts of methyl-mercury.

Did you know that dental amalgams, or "silver" fillings are actually 50% mercury? Mercury is an insidious, potent neurotoxin that damages the immune system and harms brain development and function. Dental amalgams are the primary source of mercury in our bodies today.

Pollution from coal-fired power plants is another tremendous source of heavy metals. Not only does the smoke carry some of these metals through the air, and NO amount of heavy metals is safe, but the ash that's scrubbed from the inside of the pipes is stored around the base of the power plant. Metals from the ash then seep into the groundwater and eventually end up in the drinking water in our homes. Old pipes are a monstrous source of lead. Drinking water is clean when it leaves a water treatment facility, but the problem happens when it travels through the old lead pipes within a city or town's water supply. Changing out these pipes can make the problem worse for a while as it can increase the amount of lead in the water. Old houses with old paint are another common source of lead. Unsuspected lead sources are brightly colored faux-leather handbags, bright red shades of lipstick, garden hoses, and costume jewelry. Arsenic is often found in groundwater wells, as it is naturally found in the dirt and rock that wells are sunk in. Arsenic is also found in pressure-treated wood, such as that used in decks and playgrounds. It's also a common additive in pesticides and chicken feed for non-organically raised chickens.


I waited to share our story to make sure others are noticing our changes. I started TRS maybe the first week in January. I was skeptical because I have 2 autistic children already on something called the Nemechek protocol, and that Dr doesn't suggest doing TRS. That protocol has been amazing for my kid's GUT healing. I couldn't risk regression, but my mom instincts think, why not?? So I started the spray and have only moved to 2 sprays for my 2 boys and myself; my youngest still gets 1 spray. For myself, I do see my brain fog going away, and for a few days, I definitely was stinky. I also changed to aluminum-free deodorant and cleaner eating, and more exercise. I really see a huge increase in my energy. My daughter never lets me touch her; brushing her hair is a huge issue. She has a lot of sensory issues. She has heightening sensory, especially in auditory. She now allows me to brush her hair without a whimper. Her eye strumming seems to be less, and she is very calm. We haven't noticed her covering her ears lately. Our big­gest gain and best success story is always my middle kid. He just seems to always benefit from these things I try with him. He is a screamer, and he has a lot of anxiety. When his sister cries, he screams, and it causes a lot of stress on the household. He is not screaming anymore. It's been about a week and a half. He is listening to me; I'm not repeating myself. He is also trying new foods. He eats carrots now. This is huge. Last night his belly rumbled, and he giggled and said, that's funny; I'm hungry, mommy. He has NEVER told me he was hungry ever. His behavior is improving, and his anxiety has decreased drastically. His notes from his teacher are usually, "he screamed 10x today." Now it's, "he played with this child very well today." I haven't done anything different other than this spray. So I'm excited to see our story in a few more months!


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