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Seizures/Epilepsy & Heavy Metals

Epilepsy affects more than 2.7 million people in the United States, and some patients can experience over 100 seizures in a single day. Anything that disturbs the usual pattern of the brain can trigger epilepsy.

Trauma, illness, brain damage, abnormal development, food intolerances, and heavy metal toxicity can all be factors with epileptic patients. It is estimated that over 75% of patients with epilepsy do not know what is causing their seizure activ­ity. Patients are generally provided with toxic medications that attempt to alter the seizure activity without identifying the underline cause of the problem.

Heavy metal toxicity can induce a myriad of problems in our bodies, from epilepsy to infertility, dementia, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Lead poisoning has been reported to cause persistent sei­zures, requiring ventilator support when BLL exceeds 244 µg/dl. In a case report, a child suffered from global develop­mental delay, and the CT scan of the brain revealed cerebral atrophy. The mother of this patient had high BLL and lead line in the radiograph of long bones. Therefore, it seems that lead poisoning has significant effects on CNS.


Lead exposure-induced seizures

Seizures have been described as the endpoint of lead intoxica­tion in both humans and animals. Lead-induced seizures can occur in the absence of changes in the blood-brain barrier. In a study, rats' exposure to two different levels of lead (below the level producing overt encephalopathy) sensitized the rats to the behavioral effects of convulsant agents, including picrotoxin, isoniazid mercaptopropionic acid, and strychnine but not pen­tylenetetrazol.

Lead exposure affects several aspects of regional GABAergic function. Moreover, the results of this study indicated that lead exposure increased glutamine acid decarboxylase (GAD) activi­ty, decreased GABA-T activity, and elevated the apparent rate of GABA synthesis. Lead exposure also inhibited the uptake and re­lease of [14C]GABA (unstimulated and K-stimulated). This effect was observed in both treatment groups and all brain regions, except the cerebellum. These findings support the hypothesis of a neurochemical basis for lead-induced seizures involving inhibition of GABAergic neurotransmission. It seems that motor impairments and seizures are frequent neurologic sequelae of excess lead exposure in children.

Mercury and its connection to seizures

Dental amalgam fillings are the largest source of mercury exposure in most people, but those who often eat fish can get high levels of expo­sure, and children and older adults have gotten significant exposures to mercury thimerosal from vaccinations. Amalgam fillings produce electrical currents, which increase mercury vapor release and have other harmful effects.

Negatively charged fillings or crowns push electrons into the oral cavity since saliva is a good electrolyte and causes higher mercury vapor losses. Patients with autoimmune conditions like MS, epilepsy, depression, etc., are often found to have many high negative current


Mercury commonly causes autoimmunity, which can also be a factor in conditions like epilepsy, MS, lupus, etc. Prenatal exposure to mercu­ry has been found to predispose animals and infants to seizures and epilepsy. A significant factor in epilepsy has been found to be essential mineral deficiencies and imbalances- such as magnesium, zinc, etc. Mercury is well documented to cause cell membrane permeability changes, min­eral efflux from cells, leaky gut, enzyme blockages, etc., that common­ly result in essential mineral deficiencies and imbalances.



Testimony 1

I don't know if it's a coincidence but after 9 days of 1 spray, a day of TRS, my 6 year-old, is 53 hours seizure-free! He has been having 1-4 sei­zures a day.

Update: He had a seizure, so the clock starts over, but almost 54 hours seizure-free is a great start!

Update 1/18/2019:

He started having seizures again, unfortunately, but we did some ge­netic testing through MaxGen and gave him supplements according to the results. He is 44 days seizure-free. Possibly if I had upped his TRS dose, I might have seen similar or longer results.

"Remember what was said above in the information, that mineral deficien­cies and imbalances are a significant factor BUT is caused by mercury causing cell membrane permeability changes, mineral afflux from cells, leaky gut, enzyme blockages, etc. You might need to address BOTH."

Testimony 2

My 3-year-old has been on TRS, a simple 2-ingredient spray, for two months now .. it took about a month to start seeing significant gains but now I am just amazed! She has a rare genetic disorder called STXBPl, epilepsy, and regressive autism. We saw regression after her first birthday. It was so mild a parent could easily mistake it as "being shy," but by her 2nd birthday, we knew something was really wrong. She lost all of her vocabulary except 3 words, and she always looked so tired. It's been heartbreaking to watch her lose all expression, words, eye contact; the list goes on. We tried special diets, CBD oils, detox baths, literally anything you can think of. Avalyn was so irritable! She's on two different seizure meds, so I was scared to keep trying things, but I just HAD to try TRS after reading all of the success stories .. and I'm so glad I did!! Now she is making eye contact all day long.

She gets excited over things; she's belly laughing and starting to say WORDS again!!! She is following directions like you wouldn't believe. It's like she really is understanding what I'm saying; it's been so amaz­ing to watch!! And then she got on a scooter toy you sit on, and you have to use your feet to go anywhere, and she hopped RIGHT ON and started going all over the house with it!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes; she's had this toy for almost two years and has never touched it . This is the longest she's ever been seizure-free!

Testimony 3

Just have to share with you all!! So, I have a special needs daughter (13) with 22qll deletion syndrome. She (we) have been to Hell and back with her. She had her "first" open heart surgery at 14 days old, was on ECMO for about 7 days where she experienced seizures and a stroke, was on a boatload of meds including Methadone, and was at Johns Hopkins PICU for 6 months before finally discharged. She came home on an NG tube and went to a feeding tube that stayed for 3 1/2 years. Another open heart surgery at 2 years. Around 4 she started de­veloping seizures on a quarterly basis. Started Depakote, which she has been taking since. I have tried anything I could get my hands on homeopathic-wise to get her breakthrough seizures under control. However, she always seemed to have one about every 3 months. About 6 months ago a friend of mine told me about TRS. I lurked for a looooooooong time. Finally, I read something about seizures, which sparked my interest, of course. When I read nothing but positive things, I jumped on board. In one week, it will be one whole year since my daughter has had a seizure!!! My husband came downstairs this eve­ning after putting her to bed and reminded me it's coming up on a year. He asked, "what are you giving her?" I told him Frankincense oil on her head and feet every night and TRS during the day. He just nodded his head and said, "impressive"! All this from an "anti- homeo­pathic" person!!! (The husband)! If it keeps her from having seizures.... I'm all in!!


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