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My homemade beet juice!!

Who loves beets?! Either you hate them or love them. I personally love the taste of beets but this beat juice doesn't taste all beety!


3-4 medium sized cooked and cooled beets

12 oz bag of carrots

2-4 apples (I had these tiny apples so I used 4)

2-3 tablespoons of fresh ginger

Add all these ingredients to a juicer. I add about 1/2 cup of water to the juicer. The thickness of beats and carrots can get stuck in the juicer so the water helps.

Health Benefits of Beets

-Good for your heart

-Make you a better athlete (beets improve blood flow so this helps move more oxygen through your body)

-Reduces inflammation

-Improves digestive health

-Brain health

-Boots immunity

-Boots libido

-Good for eyes and liver

Health Benefits of Carrots

-Boots immunity

-Helps keep your hair healthy and thick

-Healthy the health of your skin

-Prevents wrinkles

-Protects your teeth and eyes

-Helps dry skin but also the over production of oil on your skin

-Protects your skin from the sun

Health Benefits of Ginger

-Helps promotes digestion and bloating/gas

-Relieves nausea

-Fights germs

-Soothes sore muscles

-Keeps your mouth healthy

-Slows cancer growth

-Eases arthritic pain

-Lowers blood sugar

-Lowers cholesterol

-Protects against disease

Benefits of Apples

-May improve gut health

-May help protect against cancers

-Good for your heart

-Fights inflammation

-Bone health

-Increased circulation


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