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MTHFR is an abbreviation for a genetic mutation that affects 30-50% of our population, although most of us don't know whether or not we have it. To put this simply, the MTHFR gene is responsible for your body's ability to eliminate toxins. Unfortunately, a very large percent­age of the population has variants or mutations of this crucial gene. If you do have this gene mutation, your body has a difficult time elimi­nating toxins on its own. Advanced TRS will still work for you because it utilizes the body's water pathways and uses cationic exchange to attract, bind, and remove the toxic, positively charged molecules. Anyone with the MTHFR Gene mutation will benefit from assistance in detoxing; TRS will be a good addition to any detox regimen.

Symptoms of the MTHFR mutation may include:

Digestive issues


Nerve Pain




Bipolar Disorder

Chronic Fatigue and Pain

Some physical Markers of MTHFR may include:

Tongue + lip ties

Stork bite on the back of her neck (nevus simplex or salmon patch)

A stork bite on the eyelids or forehead, although many people call it an angel's kiss in these locations

A sacral dimple (dimple between butt cheeks)

Any facial dimples

A strawberry hemangioma

A prominent blue vein on the bridge of her nose (- called a sugar bug, because practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine think it is linked to an MTHFR gene mutation) is linked with a 'hypersensitivity to mercury' (source) and possibly other heavy metals.

TRS facilitates detoxification at the CELLULAR LEVEL

TRS attracts, traps, and removes heavy metals and toxic elements, including mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic, fluoride, barium, strontium, uranium, and gadolinium Pesticides and insecticides including glyphosate

Toxins from molds and yeasts

Plastic Residues

Carcinogens from smoke and haze

Radioactive material in the body

Any other toxin with a positive charge

Disclaimer: Advanced TRS does not cure; it removes heavy metals and toxins, then the body is able to function as it is designed to.

Amazing Testimony

My back story and why I started using TRS to detox myself and my kids: I believe I am very toxic, more so than my 2 sisters. I believe I have MTHFR genetic mutation; my parents said I had reactions to my childhood vaccines my sisters did not have. I had severe asthma, repeated ear infections, tons of antibiotics, steroids, allergies, problems with reading, lazy eye, was very shy and withdrawn, picky eater and several sensory issues. I believe I passed this toxicity to my kids. I now have PCOS, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, asthma issues, anxiety, astigmatism, bloating, joint pain, vision problems, food sensitivities, and what I believe is candida overgrowth. Since I have started TRS I have noticed several things:

Pains* Ringing in the ears when I first started A few nightmares when I first started a couple days feeling off and tired. Headache from a change in vision/astigmatism. Mild increase in food sensitivity, bloating/knee joint pain that went away. Random Canker sore.

Gains* Increased sense of peace, Eye floaters in bad eye have improved. Stronger connection with the earth/family. Improvement in the astigmatism in my left eye amblyopia (lazy eye) I just noticed today that it has improved! Severe Dry/sensitive eyes gone. Skin/hair/scalp is not as dry; Postpartum hair loss has decreased. Teeth sensitivity went away. Slightly high blood pressure is normal. Sugar, chocolate, and carb cravings are gone. Less moody, more patience with my kids. Calve cramps I've had for years are gone. Increased feeling in my back shoulder blade that often went numb. Joint and back pain is gone. Frequent urge to urinate has decreased. Carpal tunnel/tingling fingers is gone. Less anxiety; don't get overwhelmed as easily. Stomach has gotten flatter. Asthma breathing issues are better. Deeper sleep/vivid dreams. Wake up more restful and energized. Amazing energy and productivity even with infant twins, a toddler, and a special needs child. Brain fog is gone, probably more than I have not yet noticed. Very excited for this journey as I believe I have a ways to go! Very thankful for TRS and how it is giving me my life back!

Testimony 2

The TRS renders all heavy metals and many other toxins inert - so this way, the liver doesn't get burdened by the detoxification, and it is a wonderful product to help assist those with MTHFR. My son is completely unvaccinated but also has MTFHR, and this product has been a wonderful help for us!!!

Testimony 3

Our son was diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder at 18 months. We were told he would never talk- never have relationships- never play sports etc.. who awful to tell any parent. It was the worst day of our lives. I then discovered MTHFR 4 years ago, and he ended up being compound heterozygous .. detoxing at only 20%. We drastically changed everything- we decided to give TRS a go over two years ago. After we had already been working with a dan doctor to start straightening out our son's methylation and at the time, next step was to detox- long story short, our son is now conversational- he gains new sentences and speech every day. His pre k teachers were able to witness all his achievements, and their minds were blown. He's now in kindergarten- looking to mainstream him. I'm currently expecting our 2nd baby, and I still use TRS. Our family will, for the near future, always maintain our use of TRS. Doctors cannot predict the future- that was the best thing they ever could have told me- it lit a fire under my ass to recover our son, and God will we got him pretty darn far. We are blessed, and not everyone has the same success, so we are grateful. TRS is why my son speaks. I'll always be so thankful I landed on a short video with two guys educated parents and everyone who would listen about the dan­gers of vaccines- they have a book which many you know of- if not, go get it! I started watching their posts and videos and learned of TRS. My only regret is I wish I found it sooner. Our future daughter will be healthier for this product, as are the rest of us. If you're on the fence, I urge you to try!

Testimony 4

I am compound heterozygous, and TRS has helped me a ton first week was rough, though.

Testimony 5

I am compound hetero, and TRS has helped me. I do better in low doses. I tried upping too fast and found that I do best on 1 spray 2xs a day.

Testimony 6

It's been like a miracle for me. It's the best I've felt for as long as I can remember.


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