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Migraines & Heavy Metals

Researchers from Vuzuncu Vil University have uncovered a heavy metal toxicity link to chronic migraine headaches. The suggested treatment is heavy metal detoxification and mineral supplementation.

There does not seem to be one specific "trigger" that causes all mi­graines, so many physicians are at a loss for how to help patients who suffer from them. The latest science shows that trying to identify a trig­ger might be the wrong approach. For many migraine sufferers, mi­graines could be indicative of a metabolic abnormality that requires detoxification and a supplemental approach to healing.

Alleviating symptoms rather than dealing with the root cause may not be the best approach. The "pill for the ill" type of medicine doesn't get after the cause of the problem but just deals with the symptom. Look­ing for metabolic diagnostic indicators creates a framework for devel­oping a comprehensive healing approach that may provide lasting health benefits for migraine sufferers.

Researchers from Vuzuncu Vil University did just that. Their hypothesis surmised that migraine sufferers might be suffering from heavy metal toxicity, a nutrient deficiency, or some combination of both.

The research team studied 50 patients and divided them into two groups. One group of 25 were migraine sufferers, and the other group of 25 were not. None of the participants took any antioxidants or multivitamin supplements at the time of the study, nor did they smoke, consume alcohol, abuse drugs, or suffer from health conditions such as liver or kidney disease, heart disease, or chronic inflammation.

Upon analysis, the research team learned that those in the migraine group had substantially higher levels of certain heavy metals compared to the control group. At the same time, the migraine group was found to be deficient in certain beneficial minerals, including copper, magnesium, and zinc.

Heavy metal detoxification and mineral supplementation could provide relief for migraines:

In general, maintaining a proper mineral balance is crucial for good health. Based on the findings of this study, migraine sufferers tend to have mineral imbalances and deficiencies and excess levels of harmful heavy metals. Such abnormalities can lead to hormone imbalances, neurotoxicity, or in this case, excruciating migraines.


Testimony 1

Started TRS first week of January; Went up to 5 sprays per day, had less brain fog and more vivid dreams. My periods had been pretty heavy for me after having my son 3 years ago. And I would have migraines associated with the hormones. My January period was light, and I had no pain!! My husband and I have been trying to conceive since November 2018 with no success. I'm now 6 weeks regret. The only thing I changed was starting TRS!

Testimony 2

I am on a month and a half of using TRS (started with 2 sprays in the morning and 2 at night, now up to 4 in the morning and 4 at night) and I feel incredible!!! It's hard to explain exactly how I feel but it's almost like a reset and rebalance. My headaches/migraines are basically nonexistent now (I used to get 3-4 migraines a week, now I can't remember the last headache I had), my arthritis has improved tenfold, and my joints aren't as sore/swollen (just getting out of bed in the morning sucked before TRS) and I've had JRA since I was 18 months (vx injured). My endometriosis used to cause me pain all month; now it's only a couple of days before my cycle starts (sorry if that's TMI), my mood is waaay better, brain fog is gone, starting to get better sleep, attention span is much better, anxiety and stress have basically gone too. OH! And I have severe glaucoma (thanks Hep B shot), and I feel like my eyes are starting to get better (I can see better, and my whites are getting brighter, and the weird spots red spots are going away). Edit to add** my psoriasis on my hands, knees, and elbows are basically gone, and my feet are clearing up !! Honestly, I'm sure if I sat and thought about all the stuff that I used to deal with daily that has disappeared, the list would be twice as long!! Thank you for this amazing lifesaver!!

Testimony 3

Just wanted to tell everyone. A few days will be 3 months on TRS for my family. Not exaggerating at all here.. TRS has 100% changed my life. For years I had all these symptoms.. -Headaches/migraines -Severe joint pain -Exhausted/brain fog -Insomnia -Major mood swings I never had before. Depression, and tried to kill myself once to stop feeling all the pain in my body. (never had these problems before) -Needle poking sensations in my limbs. Weak muscles in arms. -decline in my memory-massive weight gain with no change in diet/exercising. I kept going to my doctor. They tested me for so many different things. Everything always came back normal, and I gave up. Then I randomly came across some things about mercury toxicity and compared it to my symptoms. I figured hey, I better try this stuff because the doctors won't figure it out at this point. I had lost hope. I've even been losing weight since starting TRS! I figure whatever is going on, I just need to try to heal myself from the inside out. I didn't have the means to test my body of metals, but this I know ... I was born in 1987 and had whatever shots WA state demanded of my parents. I have had 4 hep b shots, and 8 rhogam shots. I still have 12 amalgam fillings from my childhood years. Every symptom I had but one is 100% gone for 1 month. I just had my first migraine since starting TRS. I upped magnesium, and now it's gone. I truly did not think I'd ever live one pain-free day again in my life. I'm FULL of life once again it makes me tear up!

Testimony 4

Hi everyone!! I started taking TRS last week, and wow! I cannot express my gratitude for this product!! Suffer from terrible anxiety/depression, low energy, moodiness, acne, and migraines. I'm noticing a HUGE difference already.

Testimony 5

TRS Update/Testimony: While my husband and I have had several gains in regards to migraines disappearing, improved energy levels, better focus, less anxiety, and so on, our favorite gain by far is that we are finally expecting a baby! We had been trying to conceive for about three years, and within not even three full months of being on TRS, we got our first positive! We are now almost 19 weeks along.

Testimony 6

I have my sister-in-law TRS. She was having major migraines. She's been on TRS for 2 months and no migraines. A couple of minor headaches only in 2 months.

Testimony 7

I started a month ago and had zero migraines before my cycle. I've had constant ones for years!! Also, passing parasites!!


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