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Lyme Disease & Heavy Metals

Lyme and Mercury Toxicity

A lot of people don't realize that Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity can go hand-in-hand! When a Lyme infection compromises your body, it loses its ability to protect itself from heavy metal toxins even more than normal. This causes the body to start bioaccumulation of heavy metals very rapidly. Bioaccumulation is when your body builds up substances, such as pesticides or other chemicals. It happens when you begin to absorb a substance at a rate faster than your body can metabolize and excrete the substance.

Additionally, heavy metals can actually form the parts of the biofilm (a type of chronic infection caused by bacteria) in our systems that STOP our immune systems from being able to fight off Lyme. If you've tried addressing chronic Lyme disease to no avail, it could be that you have heavy metal toxicity concurrent with your Lyme infection. If your body is consumed with struggling to fight off heavy metals, Lyme bacteria will take this opportunity to dig in deep while your body is distracted.

All toxin metals will accumulate and help protect the Lyme. However, special consideration should be given to those with mercury toxicity. Mercury detoxification is a subject that deserves significant attention in its own right, and it cannot be overlooked as part of a book on Lyme Disease therapies because the two conditions are often linked. Although not everyone with Lyme Disease has mercury toxicity, evidence has repeatedly shown that having Lyme Disease increases the probability of becoming mercury-toxic.

Why does mercury toxicity often accompany Lyme Disease?

Mercury catalyzes infections and severely weakens the immune system, so it is not a big leap to accept that people with mercury poisoning would be more susceptible to chronic illnesses like Lyme Disease. Conversely, Lyme Disease weakens the body's ability to detoxify poisons, so it is not inconceivable to imagine that people with Lyme Disease are more susceptible to accumulating mercury (even from minuscule exposure). But in people with both Lyme Disease and mercury poisoning, which came first? Did the mercury come first, eventually allowing the Lyme infection to thrive, or did the infection come first, weakening the body enough to cause dysfunction in the mercury detoxification process?

If mercury toxicity did come first, why did the person become mercury-toxic?

Here are a few possible scenarios that explain how and why mercury toxicity and Lyme Disease are often companions:

1.) A person who does not have Lyme Disease may have a susceptibility to becoming mercury-toxic because of a deficiency in liver function. Should this individual be exposed to mercury and become toxic, a suppressed immune system will inevitably follow, and infections will become established with greater ease. Therefore, if exposed to the Lyme bacteria, the individual would be more likely to develop full-blown, chronic Lyme Disease than would someone not mercury-toxic.

2.) A completely healthy person with no genetic predisposition to becoming mercury-toxic may acquire Lyme Disease. The infection might weaken the body and its mercury detoxification abilities. The body would then no longer be capable of removing the mercury to which it is exposed on a daily basis.

3.) Another possibility is based on the fact that, as part of its life cycle and survival mechanism, the Lyme Disease organism itself accumulates and sequesters mercury. Many researchers have observed that some infective organisms, once established inside the human body, store or use mercury to create a living environment, a niche within the body, inside which the body's defenses are compromised and weakened due to the presence of this heavy metal. Because mercury is an immunosuppressant, it is feasible that the Lyme Disease spirochete sequesters mercury in the body as a tool for continued survival in the host environment. The spirochete would do this by grabbing onto minuscule amounts of mercury circulating in the body due to regular (small) daily mercury exposure. After a time, the Lyme Disease organisms would store up more than just a minuscule amount. Significantly increased body burden of mercury would result.

4.) Yet another scenario exists when an individual is unknowingly exposed to a large amount of mercury (such as someone with amalgams). This might cause mercury toxicity and thus allow a chronic Lyme infection to become more easily established due to the immunosuppressive effects of mercury poisoning. Individuals who discover that they have both chronic Lyme Disease and mercury toxicity find it nearly impossible to unravel the mystery of which came first. Regardless of how it happens, mercury toxicity often accompanies chronic Lyme Disease, so many people with Lyme Disease must undertake mercury detoxification. Most people who have Lyme Disease complicated by mercury toxicity do not experience significant improvement in their Lyme symptoms until the mercury is removed.


Testimony 1

I was diagnosed with Lyme late last year, about 3 months after us had started using TRS. TRS had me feeling so much better I was stunned at my diagnosis. I asked my doc about it, and how they could be related, and he explained to me that (much like parasites ) Lyme bacteria both utilizes and excretes heavy metals (it favors Al ) and leaves behind deposits all over the body. So TRS has been helping prevent my Lyme from worsening before I even knew I had it. Lyme bacteria loves to burrow into the brain, which means people with Lyme end up with extra heavy metals in the brain.

Testimony 2

When I heard about TRS, I thought, "hmmm, no one has addressed the possibility of heavy metals - I need to investigate this." I did. The most improvement came last year after I started TRS and treated (herbally) for Lyme (diagnosed last year). And more improvement after having my amalgams removed in December. Two to three weeks after amalgam removal, my rash was GONE. It has been a little bouncy .... I just had a small flare (I'm also experimenting with limited dairy and gluten). But to have it COMPLETELY disappear for weeks at a time .... I know I am on the right track!! I can't say for sure what the cause was .... but I believe heavy metals played a part ... possibly along with candida? With Lyme? And the

mercury from the amalgams ... I, nor anyone else, can take credit for being smart or figuring out anything. I did a lot of praying and asking for guidance. I thank God for opening the doors that have brought me to where I am today. HE did it. I am so grateful for the healing.

Testimony 3

Update ..... my 14-year-old son who has Lyme, Bartonella, and Pandas, started TRS 3 weeks ago ... because he is so super sensitive, we started off super low ... he has been very unwell with neuro and mental health symptoms.

1 drop week 1

2 drops week 2

3 drops week 3

About to start week 4.

OMG, at the end of the second week, much happier, calmer, more energy and doing jobs without back chatting ... said he feels good on the inside. No head tics they are gone. Still has intrusive thoughts of OCD but the happiness is making him stop focusing in on that .... appetite bit better, memory better .... l know it's only early day's and it could be a roller coaster ride, but OMG 2 weeks on such a low dose whoa, this is powerful liquid gold ...

Testimony 4

I'm on TRS day 3 and oh my goodness ... the energy! I haven't exercised this hard since getting Lyme in 2013. I could barely do 200 steps a day and had to take so many breaks to wash the dishes. I was lying on the couch while my baby was crawling around and entertaining himself. Second day of TRS, I'm in the gym doing cardio kickboxing; I keep wanting to pinch myself ... IS THIS REAL LIFE?! I FEEL SO FREAKIN GOOD! Starting to feel like my old self (6 years ago me) PS: I've tried EVERYTHING. Supplements, over 30 Drs, chiropractors, naturopaths, ozone, nutritional lvs, parasite cleanses, juice cleanses ect ECT .... nothing has helped me as much as TRS. It has brought me to where I am today. He did it. I am so grateful for the healing.


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