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If you want to change your body, stop making these excuses!!

Whether you're trying to reach a super shredded body goal or just trying to be a healthier version of yourself, you will not get there if you don't make the necessary changes.

The biggest things I hear and may be guilty of myself once in a while are...

1. I am too tired.

Ok, I get it; we all are tired, and we all didn't get enough sleep, and we all need this much rest to function. Yes, you do need adequate sleep; that is important. When starting a new routine, your body will be tired, it's not used to the change, and it will take time to adapt. If you're someone who has been doing this for a long time, are you tired because you're not giving your body enough time to recover, or are you just bored? If you are sleeping adequately and it's not a significant problem that needs to be addressed, then get your butt up out of bed and get to the gym or meal-prep your food for the week.

2. It's taking too long for my body to change, so it's out of reach.

Instant gratification, it is hard for this not to be in your face 24/7. You see diet pills, quick fixes, models on social media looking all fab(fake). You want so badly for you to look in the mirror and get that body you envision, but you don't see a change after only small attempts, and you give up. Consistency is KEY; you have to constantly make changes to see a difference. Just because you don't see change right away doesn't mean your body isn't changing.

3. I don't have enough time.

Kids, house, work, chores I could go on. Everyone has this excuse, and I don't have a long-drawn-out explanation for you; just MAKE TIME. If it's important to you, do it. When I competed in a bikini competition in 2015, I worked two jobs, was a single mom of 3, and still made time to work out 6 days a week and eat right. It's not easy to make changes, but it is worth it.

4. I don't feel like cooking

GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILT. Yes, I'll repeat it; I am guilty of this because I already cook A LOT. It's so easy to put in a food order or run through the drive-thru, which by the way, I just want to clarify that I have not eaten at a place with a drive-thru in over 10 years; someone could not pay me enough money to eat that poison. AND I mean literal poison. No, I'm not joking. That is a whole separate post! It just comes down to effort and making time, and wanting change. Cook all your food, make leaner, healthier choices, and it will pay off.

5. One bite of something terrible won't hurt.

Don't do it!! Taste is temporary, so do not ruin your stride of healthy food choices over a bite of something that does not help you in any way. Now I'm going to give you a little grace, there is nothing wrong with once in a while not eating perfectly or indulging in a little treat, but you can't eat great for one week and then eat complete crap the whole weekend and expect change. Your desired change will not happen for you if you have no self-control. Think of your food as fuel for your body to change. Make more good choices than bad.

6. I can't give that up

I hear this all the time, and you know who you are, haha "Kaysie, I can't give that up. I like my drinks, nope, can't do it." But, whatever your evil is, you CAN give it up. Make small changes over time, so it doesn't seem like your world is falling apart if you give it up all at once!

7. I'm not good enough.

Self-doubt, we all experience this from time to time. I have moments where I've had stressful times, and I want to raid the kitchen pantry or stay in bed all day. But honestly, what good is that really going to do? It's not going to help you achieve your goals, and the next day, it's just going to make you mad that you made those choices. So stay positive whatever you are going through, lean on a friend or family member or do what you know uplifts you. Worst case, have that terrible day, and then the next day, pick yourself back up and move on.

8. I can't eat that.

OK childrennnn, yes you can!!! No, you can't live on macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, sorry!! Let's grow up now; if you are one that eats a ton of processed foods, all I can say is, if we went into a real-life version of the walking dead, you would NOT survive!! But seriously, what would we even do without our prepackaged foods and energy drinks? UMMMM, I know; we would all be living healthier disease-free lives. Did you know that your taste buds start to change when introducing new, cleaner, more nutritious foods? If you were to give up processed sugar for a month and then introduce it later, it would taste sweeter than what you remember, like overpowering sweet, like "I'm all set" kinda sweet. My words of wisdom are just to eat real food.

9. I don't have the money.

This is tough; I would love for you to tell me that you all eat organically grown food and don't buy anything else except that. However, I know that not everyone can afford all organic. But if you were to add up all the money you spend on take-out, drive-thru, coffee, everything else that may be hindering your health, I bet you could find some extra cash to make better, healthier purchases.

10. I'll start tomorrow.

OHHH how I have heard this!! I'll start my diet on Monday; ill start my routine at the gym on Monday or next week!! It's great to have a plan for sure, but if that plan falls through because of lack of effort and consistency, you have no plan. Don't think of this change as a "diet" I actually hate that word "DIET." No one should be on a diet. You should just be making lifestyle changes every day that effectively change you and your body.

What am I missing!?!



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