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Heavy Metals; Vacc**** Glyphosate Detox Protocol


When taken orally, TRS (Clinoptilolite), a form of zeolite, removes heavy metals (including lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury) from body tissues, including the brain where heavy metals tend to accumulate, due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. It is then passed safely through the urinary tract without depleting the body of essential electrolytes or burdening the body's eliminatory systems - making it ideal supplementation for healing a range of toxicity-related diseases, including chemtrail toxicity. TRS also increases levels of vital nutrients like iron and calcium, it balances PH levels and boosts immune system function.

Clinical evidence supporting the use of an activated clinoptilolite suspension as an agent to increase urinary excretion of toxic heavy metals.

Iodine (nascent)

Nascent iodine is iodine in atomic form, where regular iodine is in molecular form. Geoengineering spraying features a chemical called ethylene dibromide, which removes iodine from the body. Nascent iodine is what is produced by the thyroid gland and is absorbed easily by the body. This then helps to normalize the T3 and T4 hormones production and helps to balance metabolism within the body. Additionally, nascent iodine dramatically helps with the detoxification processes of the body as well. Nascent iodine is particularly effective in supplying our body with the iodine it needs. In a person with sufficient iodine, radioactive iodine cannot bind into our body and be flushed out safely. However, it again is important to ensure the body is receiving enough absorbable iodine.

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acids are created by soil-based microorganisms that are extremely healthy for plants and animals alike. Fulvic acid is the most potent anti-oxidant known as it has 14 tetra trillion (that is 14 with twenty-one zeros behind it) electrons to donate and accept. (The fact that it can both donate and accept electrons is unique to fulvic acid alone) It is also one of the richest sources of electrolytes known, which helps to maintain electro­chemical balance, pH balance, and maintain electrical conductivity within the body. Fulvic acid also helps to catalyze enzymatic activity, transport vitamins, and minerals into the cell, stimulate the breakdown and safe elimination of herbicides and pesticides, increases the absorption rate of nutrients in the cell, enhances healthy cell division, increases the DNA con­tents within cells and increases the synthesis rate of RNA in cells. Additionally important in relation to chemtrails/geoengineering is how fulvic acid deals with radioactive elements and harmful metals. First, with heavy metals, fulvic acid transforms them into an ionic form which means they become bio-available and absorbable forms of the metallic minerals. This is where the fulvic acid and TRS combo becomes an excellent tandem in removing these metals!


Sulfate deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency you've never heard of. Sulfate, comprised of the elements sulfur and oxygen, is the fourth most abundant anion in our blood. It exists throughout the body in a variety of forms, filling numerous biological functions. A critical component of extracellular matrix proteins, it aids in the detoxification of drugs, food additives, and toxic metals. It also prevents blood from coagulating during transit through capillaries. Like vitamin D, the widely recognized "sunshine vitamin," ... sulfate levels depend on sun exposure. It is synthesized from sulfide in the skin and red blood cells via a sunlight-dependent chemical reaction.

Countless toxic chemicals in the environment and glyphosate is one of them, can disrupt sulfate synthesis and sulfate transport, leading to sulfate deficiency. Glyphosate is a trainwreck for sulfate. It not only disturbs sulfate production, transport, and delivery but causes loss of sulfate through the kidneys and urine as well. The toxin can also disrupt intestinal bacteria, triggering gut dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome. Round-up, which contains glyphosate, also contains arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

To prevent sulfate deficiency, avoid exposure to glyphosate and other toxins that impair sulfate synthesis. Glyphosate testing has revealed residues of the herbicide in many staple foods, primarily sugar, corn, soy, and wheat. Replacing conventionally grown produce with organic, non-genetically modified foods significantly lessens the likelihood of unintended toxin consumption.

Eating sulfur-rich foods is another important strategy for boosting sulfate production. Animal protein is a significant source of dietary sulfur. Other sulfur-containing foods include coconut oil, olive oil, organic pastured eggs, legumes, garlic, onions, brussels sprouts, asparagus, kale, broccoli, and wheat germ.

But as with vitamin D, the best way to enhance sulfate synthesis is to get out into the sun. Easily accessible and entirely free of charge, sunlight is the best and simplest antidote to the problem of sulfate deficiency.

Microbe Blast

Heavy metals and glyphosate kill beneficial bacteria in the gut, which allows pathogens such as C. difficile to overgrow. Not only does this lead to leaky gut syndrome, but C. difficile produces something called p-Cresol, a phenolic compound that is toxic to other microbes via its ability to interfere with metabolism. (C. difficile is one of only a few bacteria able to ferment tyrosine into p-Cresol.) As it happens, p-Cresol also promotes aluminum uptake by cells. P-Cresol is a known biomarker for autism and is also an important factor in kidney failure, which leads to aluminum retention in tissues and eventually to dementia.

Glyphosate also serves to increase aluminum toxicity by "caging" aluminum to promote its entry into the body. Glyphosate promotes calcium uptake by voltage-activated channels, which allow aluminum to gain entry as a calcium mimetic. Aluminum then promotes calcium loss from bones, contributing to pineal gland calcification.

With a pH of around 10 Microbe Blast is also a great pH balancer. This product may help create a healthier environment for good bacteria to flourish in the body. It is in a low pH (acid) environment that harmful microbial entities exist, and the beneficial bacteria struggle. The balancing of low pH increases oxygen in the body which boosts overall immune health and decreases the risk of many unhealthy conditions in the body.


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