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Emotional and behavioral problems show up even with low exposure to lead. As blood lead levels increase in chil­dren, so do the problems, according to research funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Scienc­es (NIEHS) of the National Institutes of Health. The re­sults were published online on June 30 in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

"This research focused on lower blood lead levels than most other studies and added more evidence that there is no safe lead level," explained NIEHS Health Scientist Ad­ministrator Kimberly Gray, Ph.D. "It is important to con­tinue to study lead exposure in children around the world and to fully understand short-term and long-term behav­ioral changes across developmental milestones. It is well-documented that lead exposure lowers the IQ of chil­dren."

Blood lead concentrations measured in more than 1,300 preschool children in China were associated with an in­creased risk of behavioral and emotional problems, such as being anxious, depressed, or aggressive.

It is important to note that during a detox of heavy metals, during the course of a detox, the emotions trapped around the metals must leave as the heavy metals leave. This is sometimes called a "regression" but is instead part of the process as trapped energies both emotionally and physically leave the quantum sphere of awareness of an individual.

Toxicity and mental illness very frequently go hand in hand; when the body's mineral homeostasis is disrupted, the emotional state correlated to the mineral/metal/toxicity imbalance responds appropriately.

Healthy is a journey, not a destination. It is an ongoing process that will take many twists and turns, and it will require you "cleaning" out your consciousness on every level.

Fortunately, Advanced TRS simplifies the process considerably and is one of the best solutions in the world to equip yourself for a successful journey toward health. One of the best solutions on the planet to help remove over 80,000 different toxins is Advanced TRS.

Also, by using Advanced TRS, you are setting yourself up or your children for a completely different trajectory than your lives will embark upon because you're removing the road­blocks on the path of life that makes us stumble and fall.

Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal, but lead exposure sources are often due to human activities, including burning fossil fuels, mining, and manufacturing. In the United States, lead exposure usually comes from lead-containing products, such as paint, caulking, and pipe solder, in older homes.

In China, lead exposure is more often related to air pollution. "The sources of lead exposure may explain why concentra­tions of lead are different, explained Liu. "In China, we found that blood lead concentrations increased with age in preschool children. However, in the United States, blood lead concentrations increase with age in children up to 2-3 years old and then decline."


Testimony 1

Hi all, I just wanted to tell you our experience to date with TRS. My grandson had vaccinations until one year, when all were stopped due to ongoing injuries. Most of his physical issues were cleared up over the last 4 years of organic, clean eating, supplements, and removal of gluten, dairy, processed sugar, and food colors.

His speech was behind at the two-year mark, ten words max, and his tantrums were very bad and frequent and got worse with age. Any­thing could and did spark him. He would actually end up hurting him­self with his actions and then just get madder and scream and thrash more! We started him on TRS about 7 months ago, one spray nightly and have only moved him up to two sprays a month ago.

His speech has taken off since about October (3-month mark), and we were very happy with that .. but then we realized his tantrums were changing, less time, less intensity, less everything, really. By Christmas (5 months), we realized he hadn't had one tantrum, ALL MONTH! He had a chart to earn stars for good choices, and he aced the month! LoL, he informed us after Xmas that he doesn't need it anymore, and he is right. He is 85% calmer, more able to deal with unexpected changes, sleeping better, overall a balanced, average kiddo! My daughter and I are happy as heck with TRS.

Testimony 2

Hey all! I've been giving my 3 kids TRS for 2 straight weeks. I started them at 2 sprays, and they are up to 3 sprays now. Wow is all I can say. My oldest is 9 and has high functioning autism. I want to cry. He is less irritated, is letting me hold and love on him. He is more rational; his schoolwork has improved. He lets me kiss his cheeks. He also has had a persistent cough; my boy is improving. My 6-year-old has had less vaccines, and since I upped him to 3 sprays, he has been having some major tantrums. All good things! My daughter took her 1st spray today. I waited until she wanted to do it. She's had no vaccines, but I learned metals could be passed down. I'm so happy!!!

Testimony 3 (it's a long one)

When my son was little, I began to notice a few things about him that seemed a little "off." Having a special education background, I knew the signs of many dif­ferent issues, so I was especially vigilant in observing his behavior. For example, I noticed that instead of playing with his toy cars or trucks, he would flip them over and just spin the wheels. He would often crawl over to our front loading washing machine and watch it spin around and around, completely mesmerized for long periods of time. He also had trouble sleeping, had a very flat affect, and didn't like to be rocked or cuddled. He hated loud noises, and they would often make him cry. He also wouldn't stop eating like most babies do when they're full but would eat until he threw up if we let him. He had terrible eczema on his face and bottom. He often didn't respond to us enough that I finally had his hearing tested around age three and found that his hearing was perfectly fine. His behavior was also ex­tremely difficult to manage because there were no rewards or punishments that made any kind of a difference with him whatsoever. At the time, all of this didn't seem too significant because, overall, he was developing normally. So I did my best to push aside any worries that I had and continued on with life. As our son got older, more issues began to surface. Painfully, I started to notice a difference between him and his peers. I remember watching him at a soccer game once when he was about kindergarten age. The entire time he was completely oblivi­ous to anything going on around him, including the other kids playing the game. Our son seemed to be entirely caught up in his own little world, passing the time by playing in the soccer net and picking up leaves and examining them. I remem­ber watching him during that particular game and all at once being struck by the reality that our son really WAS different from the other kids. In an instant, I could see so clearly for the first time that our son probably DID have some concerning issues. It was like a punch in the gut. The harsh realization of it washed over me, and I remember struggling to keep myself from crying. I didn't want to believe it. It couldn't be true! My son is just fine! I told myself. Convincing myself that I was just worrying too much, I chose to embrace denial a little longer and pushed my concerns aside once again. However, the older our son grew, the more undeniable his issues became. His behavior became increasingly difficult, defiant, and aggressive. He regularly had meltdowns that could last for an hour or more, sometimes escalating for an entire evening. He had anxiety and often went through bouts of deep depres­sion. He was unable to regulate emotions, and his moods were completely un­stable. He was very self-focused and irritable. He had facial and body tics and some unusual repetitive movements. He was falling further behind his peers emotionally and physically. We couldn't leave him home alone, especially with his younger siblings, yet he was getting too old for a babysitter. He would get upset at any attempts to joke around with him because he didn't understand sarcasm. Our entire family walked on eggshells all the time because we never knew what would set him off next. My husband and I started to become genuine­ly concerned for his future.

By the time our son was 13, we had seen several different practitioners to try and find him some help. We followed a variety of protocols, but nothing seemed to help him much, if at all. At times we'd have a little success for a while and would see a small glimmer of hope. But in the end, much of his progress was tempo­rary. Eventually, most of his gains would slip away, and we'd be right back to where we started. As time went on, he seemed to be getting progressively worse, and our entire household was suffering. My husband and I were at our wit's end and sick with worry. We began to consid­er medication but kept putting it off because we felt it would only manage his symptoms rather than fix the actual problem. And we knew there was a real problem here that needed fixing.

It was around this time that I stumbled across Advanced TRS. I'd wanted to try another detox with him because we'd seen a few small but lasting improve­ments from a previous detox he'd done. So when zeolite was suggested to us by one of our son's practitioners, it seemed like a good next step. I didn't know any­thing about zeolite or zeolite products at the time, so I began to research. I found a lot of parents on line who were raving about Advanced TRS, more than any other zeolite that I could find. After studying more information about Advanced TRS, I decided that we'd give it a try. At this point, we really didn't have much to lose! Besides, I knew that removing toxins from his body would only improve his overall health, regardless of what the results might be.

After about two weeks on Advanced TRS, we started noticing a few subtle chang­es in our son. He was becoming *slightly* less reactive and more even-tempered. A few situations that would have easily triggered him before were suddenly no big deal! My husband and I didn't talk about it out loud but would occasionally shoot each other a surprised glance.

The thing that really caught my attention was when around this time, my hus­band said, "He's doing really well right now." For my husband to notice a big enough difference to mention was confirmation that it wasn't just my imagina­tion. He really was doing better!

As it often goes with detox, our son's TRS detox was a bit of a rollercoaster ride in the beginning. We would see gains, and then they would disappear. He would be doing SO much better for a little while, and then he'd go (almost) back to where we started. There were crazy ups and downs during the first three months on Ad­vanced TRS while his body adjusted to the removal of toxins. The "ups" gave us hope, and the "downs" were devastating. It was like we'd see a little glimpse of his future self and then watch, helplessly, as it all slipped away. As tough as it was to see the gains vanish, just the fact that we'd seen them at all kept us going. So we continued on with TRS day after day, week after week.

Around three months on Advanced TRS, things really began to shift for our son. His moods became consistently more stable, and the ups and downs of detox weren't as dramatic. It was more like he'd have small bumps in the road or minor setbacks, usually followed by gains. Many of his improvements appeared to be sticking around, and we started to allow ourselves to get excited! We saw SO many changes in him that we were truly in awe of what was happening! We'd never experienced anything like it before!

After six months of detoxing with Advanced TRS, our son had a long list of im­provements. Honestly, if it hadn't happened right before our own eyes, I'm not sure we'd believe it ourselves! It was as if a huge burden had been lifted from him and his true self was finally able to step forward. His future began looking brighter, and we were finally able to let go of some of the worries we'd been carrying around for so long. What an amazing place to be after so many difficult years! After a year and a half of using Advanced TRS, these are our son's incredible, life-changing gains:

He has a more positive attitude and is happier

His depression is completely gone

His mood is infinitely more stable

He no longer has meltdowns or goes into rages (this is HUGE!}

He hardly cries now where before he cried easily over minor things His anxiety is almost completely gone - one symptom was pulling out all of his eyelashes which he no longer does

His anger has come down to normal levels, and he is no longer aggressive

His frustration tolerance has improved significantly, and he is no longer trig­gered by little things

When he is triggered now, he doesn't escalate nearly as much and is able to emotionally recover quickly (5-15 minutes). Before TRS, he would continue to es- ca late, often until he went into a full meltdown/rage that could last an hour or an entire evening

He no longer goes to bed angry every night or wakes up angry in

the morning

He handles stress and chaos much better than before and gets overwhelmed less often/easily

He is much less rigid and is able to "go with the flow" amazingly well He no longer does 'schedule mapping' where he has to know the exact schedule ahead of time every day

His sensory issues (sensitivity to light, touch, and sound) have significantly de­creased

He gives us real hugs now and is more affectionate because he doesn't mind physical contact as much as before

His expressive and receptive language has improved

He says "I love you" to us now (as much as any teenage boy would!)

He now understands sarcasm, and we have so much fun joking around with him (yay!)

His eye contact has improved

He thinks outside of himself much more - is more polite, thoughtful

and helpful

He is more aware of what's happening in his environment he rarely has a head-ache or bloody nose anymore where they used to happen regularly He doesn't get crazy obnoxiously hyper anymore

He finally started puberty after 6 months on TRS!

He has matured physically- he's grown 5 inches taller and has gone up 5 shoe sizes since starting TRS!

Has matured mentally and emotionally by leaps and bounds

His social skills have improved

Brain fog has lifted

He's able to focus much better than before

Tics have decreased

He seeks out connection much more with family, friends, and even our pets; has a great group of friends now!

Is taking on more responsibility and activities and handling it well

He doesn't overeat like he used to, stops eating when full

He is trustworthy and stable enough that we allow him to babysit his younger siblings! Amazing, right?! We are still surprised some days by all the progress that our son has made. Sometimes we are still in awe that the wonderful person he has always been is now finally able to shine through. Just last night my hus­band and I were happily talking about how our' life is really good" these days. I don't remember saying that much before Advanced TRS.


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