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Detoxing while Pregnant or Nursing

TRS is safe for all ages & safe while breastfeeding &/or pregnant

Ultimately, that will be a personal choice to take while pregnant/breastfeeding. If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, some prefer not to have that coupled with possible detox symptoms- while some don't mind.

We have also been advised: Although many detox protocols warn against use during pregnancy and/or lactation, Advanced TRS is a safe and effective way to detox during the stages of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation. Due to the stability of the Clinoptilolite zeolite molecule in vivo (in the body), it is a safe way to detox, not just the mother's body, but to also protect a baby's vulnerable body from her mother's toxic load.

The zeolite molecule is indissoluble in the body, which means it retains its physicochemical properties as it passes through the digestive and elimination systems. This stability allows the Clinoptilolite in TRS to safely detox mom & baby without the risk of toxin redistribution.

TRS users need not worry about zeolites passing through the breastmilk because if /when they do, chances are they will purify the milk of toxins, even improving milk yield and/or milk at content in many cases.

If you are in any way uncomfortable with the thought of detoxing while pregnant or while breastfeeding, please don't.

Did you know...

Research shows of pregnant women that 287 chemicals were detected in umbilical cord blood; we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause congenital disabilities or abnormal development in animals.

"We know the developing fetus is one of the most vulnerable populations, if not the most vulnerable, to environmental exposure," said Anila Jacobs, EWG senior scientist. "Their organ systems aren't mature, and their detox methods are not in place, so cord blood gives us a good picture of exposure during this most vulnerable time of life."

The Environmental Working Group's study commissioned five laboratories to examine the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies of African-American, Hispanic, and Asian heritage and found more than 200 chemicals in each newborn. Of particular concern to Jacobs: 21 newly detected contaminants, including the controversial plastics additive bisphenol A, or BPA, which mimics estrogen and has been shown to cause developmental problems and precancerous growth in animals.

"This is the first study to find BPA in umbilical cord blood, and it correlates with national data on it."


Toxins bio-accumulate over time and across generations.

Every generation along the way accumulates its own set of toxins, and the toxic burden is compounded. We've reached the point where the toxic burden is so high that our babies are being born "pre-polluted," as the Body Burden report says.

Heavy Metals Highly Implicated

Heavy metals, in particular, are highly implicated as a causative factor in all of these diseases and conditions. They are especially implicated in neurodevelop­mental disorders like autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder because many of them, especially mercury, arsenic, and lead, are neuro-toxic.

Other Environmental Toxins Linked

You should know, though, that it's not just heavy metals that have been linked to environmental causation for autism. Prospective birth cohort epidemiological studies in which pregnant women are followed and then their children are fol­lowed show that PCBs • Organophosphate pesticides • Organochlorine pesticides • Automotive exhaust • PAHs (toluene, benzene, xylene, etc.) • Brominated flame retardants • Perfluorinated compounds (such as Teflon) • Endocrine disruptors (phthalates, fluoride, BPA, chlorine, etc.) have all been linked to autism.

Epigenetic Changes Caused by Toxins

These toxins likely damage the fetus's developing brain either directly or by causing epigenetic changes in the DNA. An epigenetic change means that an environmental toxin or even too much chronic stress can cause enough damage to flip a gene's switch so that a particular disease occurs. Just because your family has a predisposition for a certain disease, though, doesn't mean that you or your children will 100% end up with that disease. Diet and lifestyle choices play extensive roles in lessening the damage that toxins can do.

Here are some of the many benefits of Zeolite (TRS)

1. Helps support a healthy immune system

2. Helps remove heavy metals, polar and non-polar mold/myco­toxins such as aflatoxin, ochratoxin, fumonisin, T-2 toxins (tricho­thecenes) as well as other airborne toxins and chemicals

3. Helps balance pH levels in the body

4. 100% natural and non-toxic

5. Safe for long term use

6. Simple to take and highly effective

7. Helps reduce discomfort in joints/other parts of the body

8. Helps stabilize energy levels

9. Helps reduce inflammation on skin

10. Affordable! Giving anyone access to taking charge of their health

11. Extremely safe and EASY to take

12. By reducing the toxic load to the liver allows the liver to remove mycotoxins, metals, pesticides, herbicides & dioxins, which have been linked to triggering cancer.

13. Reduces viral load

14. Helps to buffer blood sugar

15. Improves nutrient absorption

16. Helps prevent premature aging

17. Acts as a powerful antioxidant

18. Reduces symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, CIRS/Mycotoxicosis/Mold illness/Toxic Mold Exposure

19. Can help improve the health of your family & friends

20. The easiest way to detox your body


Studies actually show that it ''cleans up'' the milk and removes toxins from milk.

After reading everything and listening to reports from other parents, and knowing how amalgams poison people, It almost should be recommended to use during TRS while breastfeeding.

Studies on zeolites and nursing mammals




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