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Detoxing Hard

When it comes to the various disease states, some can have a hard detox reaction. Some of the "hard" cleanses are bacterial infections, yeast, or Candida. Thankfully with TRS, we won't experience hard detox reactions of metals free-floating around our system. In the process, however, you will be detoxing Candida. That's where you notice your detox symptoms stemming from most often.

Typically, a metal detox is considered a hard detox. The reason is that the heavy metals get dislodged and pushed into your system to free-float around until it eventually finds a way out. This is not something I was looking forward to and allow my children to do. This is why TRS is far superior to anything I've looked into. Those heavy metals won't be the reason for a hard detox. BUT since heavy metals are leaving your system, Candida and parasites also start to leave because they feed off those heavy metals. Crazy huh?

Adolf Jarisch and Karl Herxhimer published descriptions of the detox reaction in 1895 and again in 1902. This reaction is sometimes called "Herxing" or "Herxheimer Reaction;" Not everyone will go through it. It depends on the severity of the problem being corrected and the type of treatment being applied. Herxing occurs when dead or dying bacteria, or toxins such as yeast die-off, or metal (but not the case with TRS), released in large amounts into the bloodstream. This creates a significant or sudden inflammatory state.

This happens when the patient's immune system is already low and taxed. It seems that when the white blood cell captures the bacteria, they both die, causing increased pain and inflammation and more WBC's to be called to the scene. And the bones start to ache as the marrow goes into over­drive to make more white blood cells. DO NOT WORRY; it is the body's re­sponse to an invasion of sorts. According to the Chronic Illness Recovery website, "The most common symptoms reported include:

Increased fatigue

Joint or muscle pain

Skin rashes

Muscle cramps

Night sweats


Headaches (especially migraines)

Swollen glands.

Heavy perspiration

Metallic taste in the mouth


Conjunctivitis Throat swelling



Mental confusion


Constipation or diarrhea

Low-grade fever

Heart palpitations

Bone pain

Flu-like symptoms

Vaginal infections(only lasting a short time)

If these reactions become too unbearable during your detox at any point, CAN back down on your sprays! You can stay at a low spray dosage as long as you need. Every time you spray, you are ALWAYS making progress. If you need to stop for a bit, you do NOT lose progress! That's why nothing else can compare to TRS.

The following are some additional treatments you can use to assist you in detoxing while cleansing.

Epsom Salts + Clove Essential Oil Bath

Mix 5-15 drops of clove oil with 1-2 cups of Epsom Salts.

Fill the tub with water as hot as you can handle. Hot water also stops pain reactions as it overcomes the nerve for pain since heat and pain run on the same nerve pathway to the brain. The Clove and Epsom salt mix draws toxins out of the skin.

About 20 minutes into the soak, you may discover black "gunk" being re­leased from the skin, and it may itch. If you do see that, scrub it off with a loofa sponge. When it has released, the aches and pains seem to leave the body. You can also add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar or a cup of baking soda. Adding 10 drops of ginger or peppermint essential oil to the tub will help the body start to sweat. This sweating will assist in drawing out the toxins in the body. Drinking warm peppermint or ginger tea will also assist the body in building fever and sweating. The purpose of the fever is to allow the immune system to make new WBC to fight the inflammation that is going on. Have a glass or two of water handy to drink. If you start getting faint, cool down the water in the tub and drink the water, you have brought. DO NOT OVERDUE IT. This is a journey, NOT a sprint.


Should I supplement with anything while detoxing?

It won't remove anything beneficial from the body, so additional supple­ments aren't required and are subject to each person and their needs.

If I choose to supplement magnesium for muscle aches, should I do an oral spray?

Many people love Magnesium Oil spray by Ancient Nutrition.

If I know I was already struggling with my minerals prior to TRS and was supplementing, do I stop those while on TRS.


Can I continue my vitamin regimen while on TRS?

For sure!

What about medication?

Continue as you were. The only thing you want to be aware of is if your medication CONTAINS heavy metals. IF SO, separate that out 6 hours from your TRS spray.

Amazing Testimony

I had chronic pain a few years ago, where getting out of bed made me want to die & staying in bed didn't change it much either & spent 100000 in testing just to get no answers. I ended up going to a local naturopath/chiropractor. We determined that I was depleting minerals at a fast rate, so she started supplementing minerals. This brought my pain level down a little at a time, but if I skipped minerals for a week, the pain would return full force. It took until I went to another state the last year to figure out what was depleting my minerals. While I was there, my pain level came down substantially to a point where I started smiling again. Once I came back, the pain returned full force again. I woke up one morning & said, "God, what is it? What is causing this?" I then begin to rack my brain thinking about the differences between home & the other state. It hit me like a ton of bricks....the water! That was the only difference. I drank the water down there & when I was home, I drank the water that is filtered through my fridge. I made some phone calls & had someone come out to test my water. On a scale of 1-10 for hard water, my water is a 15. And the chlorine was 1.5, which I was told is extremely high. And I have city water out in the country!! Once I started buying purified or distilled water, my pain slowly went away over a few week's time. But because I still bathe in it, I still have to take magnesium, potassium, & other minerals. But it's nothing like when I was drinking it.

I'm not saying this is the problem with you, but you may want to have your water tested just to see if chlorine is the culprit.

I've been on the TRS for 4 months now & it was the best decision I ever made. I was exposed to black mold twice in the last 14 yrs & TRS has detoxed a lot of that out of me. My family of 7 has had so many positive gains from it. And we are still seeing more gains & detox symptoms as we go. You'd be amazed how much your body can heal when you get rid of the toxic stuff & metals.

Testimony 2

I've seen people mentioning they experience vertigo while taking TRS. I'm one of those people. I was experiencing wicked vertigo. So I thought maybe if I just started taking it at night, I would sleep through the detox, and it would be out of my system by morning. It's worked amazing!! I have zero detox symptoms during the day now, and "I'm sleeping amazing!

Testimony 3

So, I've been on TRS since the beginning of March. Aside from some initial detox symptoms, I hadn't experienced any great change internally. I did put some topically on some hairline dandruff (maybe psoriasis )spots, and they went away (areas that were white and flaking for almost a whole year non- Stop). I continued to take it (5 sprays a day). I'm so glad I did today my body went into purge mode, and I felt nauseous and sick. Without too many details, I am definitely seeing long worm parasites in my poo today, and I'm so glad I didn't quit. Just an encouraging message for anyone who wants immediate results; these things take time. Wait for it, because it's shocking what has held on for 3 MONTHS and is finally being released (no pun intended.


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