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There are several studies linking depression to heavy metals.

This study analyzed 465 patients with chronic mercury toxicity and discovered that 27.5% experienced depression, a far higher rate than the general population (7.1% of adults in the U.S have experi­enced a major depressive episode).

This study determined that "increasing blood lead level was associ­ated with higher odds of major depression."

Cadmium has also been linked to depression, as people with high levels of blood cadmium were more likely to experience depressive symptoms in this study.


Anxiety is linked to depression in a couple of studies.

This study monitored women with amalgams (mercury dental fill­ings) and compared their psychological characteristics to women without amalgams. Women with amalgams showed more signs of anxiety, as well as higher levels of fatigue and insomnia.

In this study, subchronic arsenic exposure over 4 weeks increased anxiety-like behaviors in mice.


Unfortunately, symptoms can be varied and non-specific. The list of symptoms below is not all-encompassing and does not occur in all people with heavy metal toxicity.


Mood problems (Depression, Anxiety, Irritability)

Memory problems


Muscle twitching



Muscle atrophy







Mood problems

Hair loss

Cramping muscles

Skin disorders


Learning difficulties Irritability

Weight loss Developmental Delay Seizures



Joint/ muscle pain

Memory issues

Concentration issues

High blood pressure

Mood disorders

Reduced sperm count

Pregnancy complications



Nausea and vomiting

Fragile bones

Shortness of breath


Tingling of hands


Testimony 1

I have been using TRS for 10 days now. I have struggled with anxiety and depression off and on for over 30 years. I also have bouts of diverticulitis and have just recently been diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica arthri­tis. After 3 days my anxiety had gone. After 5 days no more depression and only very little brain fog, which I think is from the antidepressants. I had a small relapse of depression on day 8, but it only lasted 1 day. My energy levels are still low, but I can feel myself improving every day. My husband also has anxiety and depression but, unfortunately, has yet to notice any improvement. TRS is astounding. I am very happy. I feel like I am reclaim­ing my life!

Testimony 2

My entire life, I've been battling with a few issues. Things such as severe OCD, depression, social anxiety, & PCOS. It was really difficult to deal with as a child/teenager. I was also fully vaccinated up until my teen years. I re- ceived all 3 of the Gardisil shots (& had bad reactions to them). After receiv- ing those shots, all of my original issues had become WORSE. I spent years looking for answers, I felt so alone in my battle. When I was about 18, I finally decided to try antidepressants. It was my last resort option, but at this point, I was desperate to feel better! After being on them for about 1 year, I knew deep down it wasn't right for me, so I stopped. After that, I began doing heavy truth-seeking for a few years. About 2 years ago, I found out about TRS. I was nervous & skeptical, so I spent several months reading about it/reading other people's testimonies. But last year, I finally made the jump & bought a bottle. I started off slow at 1 spray per day. I immediately started having VERY vivid dreams, night­mares more often, more emotional, & I went through a few "angry patches," which eventually subsided.

Over the past year, I wasn't always consistent in taking TRS. There were times I ex­perimented with the dose &tried taking 5 sprays. But the detox symptoms were too intense for me. I've also taken a few small breaks from it. BUT at this point in time ... I am now 23. & I have been consistently doing 2-3 sprays daily for the past 2 months or so. For the first time in my life ... I can feel the depression, suicidal thoughts, & dark­ness drifting away. I've also been slowly starting to feel ALOT more comfortable in social situations. I feel less shy & afraid. My period has regulated. My sleep cycle has imp roved (I sleep deeper & have dreams nightly). And most recently, I've no­ticed a huge improvement in my OCD. *thoughts are less negative; I'm able to stop myself easier when it comes to OCD rituals, less over-thinking*. Overall, I'm able to think more clearly & regulate my emotions/thoughts better. I'm TRULY shocked & amazed at the results, you guys! From going my whole life feeling over­whelmed, exhausted, & in pain ... to now seeing a brighter side to life.

There are really no words to describe it. I have a LONG way to go still, but I'm going to continue doing 2-3 sprays daily until I feel more comfortable upping it. I was SO skeptical at the beginning of this journey, but I'm so glad I took that chance. Also, thank you to everyone in this group because you sharing your expe­riences/ testimonies has helped me TREMENDOUSLY; I no longer feel alone.


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