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Candida & Heavy Metals

Candida Causes

Heavy metal toxicity and Candida go hand in hand. It is the opinion of many experts that heavy metals such as mercury and lead are the underlying cause of Candida. Therefore, you can't get rid of Candida if you have heavy metal toxicity.

Diet (high sugar)

A high sugar diet works to depress your immune system leaving the yeast

to proliferate & conditions like brain fog and digestive problems may occur.


Diabetes increases sugar content in the blood that causes candida overgrowth & the impact is increased as the immune system gets weaker due to diabetes.


This is one of the biggest causes of the overgrowth of

Candida. It destroys the beneficial bacteria in the system, which de­presses immunity. Avoid antibiotics, which in most cases you certainly can, if you question your doctor and ask for alternative slow impact medicine or use natural remedies if possible. Doctors sometimes give you antibiotics only because you want a fast recovery.

Chronic Stress

Stress releases cortisol, and chronic release of cortisol due to chronic stress can depress immunity causing candida overgrowth and other conditions in the body.

The contraceptive pill

The contraceptive pill contains estrogen. This hormone promotes the growth of the yeast in the intestine. Unfortunately, even the use of alternative contraceptive device IUD causes overgrowth.

Mercury in your fillings

Dental filling containing mercury can induce candida overgrowth in the mouth. Fortunately, better filling methods are available now. Make sure you use them.

Chemical exposure

Chlorine and fluoride in the drinking water and certain drugs, including cancer drugs, compromise the immune system.

Consuming alcohol

When consumed at rates higher than what's recommended or deemed acceptable, alcohol, which contains sugar, nurtures Candida's growth. Much like how a high-sugar diet encourages Candida overgrowth, the same is true for a diet that's too high in alcohol consumption.

Candida overgrows to protect us from heavy metals:

Is Candida a friend or foe? This is an interesting question. According to this theory, Candida and parasites actually serve a purpose to protect us from the potentially fatal complications of heavy metal poisoning. They feed on heavy metals and store them within biofilms- buffering us from heavy metal overload.

If heavy metal levels become too high, they can overwhelm every system in the body and have devastating consequences.

So Candida is actually the lesser of two evils even though it causes a whole host of symptoms. Without Candida or parasites to have our back, we may die from heavy metal poisoning.

Heavy metals sterilize the gut allowing Candida to thrive:

Mercury or other heavy metals such as silver are anti-bacterial agents. They will wipe out the friendly bacteria in our guts. This allows Candida and parasites to take a foothold and run riot. Once this happens, they can spread to other parts of the body, such as the "lady parts" or mouth. Amalgam dental fillings are 50°/o silver and 50°/o mercury. If you have these fillings, they may be causing unbalanced gut bacteria and candida overgrowth. Until you remove your mercury fillings, you may never be able to get rid of Candida. In fact, when mercury fillings are re­moved, and a proper detox is done, candida overgrowth is known to re­solve by itself with little or no effort.

As Dr. Klinghardt [1996] writes:

"My clinical experience and other medical colleagues show that pa­tients with chronic mycosis (Candidiasis), patients with chronic viral conditions (Epstein Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, HIV, herpes zoster and genital herpes, CFIDS, etc. ) or recurrent episodes of bacterial infections (chronic sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, infections of the bladder/pros­tate, etc.) often show spectacular healings following an aggressive de­toxification program from dental amalgam/mercury."

Copper toxicity may be causing your candida overgrowth:

Copper is one of the body's primary yeast-killing substances. The anti-microbial properties of copper have been known for centuries and have long been used to prevent the growth of pathogenic mi­crobes. For example, copper sulfate is often sprayed on crops to kill yeast and fungus. Copper is also used in some swimming pools and hot tubs to control yeast and bacterial growth. There is now growing evidence that our body kills microbes such as Candida by pumping them with copper and inflicting copper poisoning upon them.

Dr. Paul Eck found that an important cause of candida overgrowth is high amounts of biounavailable copper in the body. This is known as "copper toxicity." When copper becomes, biounavailable the body is unable to utilize it for anti-fungal properties. This allows Candida to grow, thrive and take over. Therefore, until you detox copper, you simply won't be able to get rid of Candida and parasites for good.


Testimony 1

After I started detoxing copper from my body; my Candida started to die off on its own. Or my body was able to overcome it. Again, I did not need to use -- any anti-candida remedies, despite having a stubborn, persistent candida overgrowth.

Testimony 2

When I heard about TRS; I thought, "hmmm, no one has addressed the possi­bility of heavy metals - I need to investigate this." I did. The most improve­ment came last year after I started TRS and treated (herbally) for Lyme(diag­nosed last year). And more improvement after having my amalgams re­moved in December. Two to three weeks after amalgam removal, my rash was GONE. It has been a little bouncy ... I just had a small flare (I'm also experi­menting with limited dairy and gluten). But to have it COMPLETELY disap­pear for weeks at a time ... I know I am on the right track!! I can't say for sure what the cause was ... but I believe heavy metals played a part... possibly along with Candida? with Lyme? And the mercury from the amalgams ... I, nor anyone else, can take credit for being smart or figuring out anything. I did a lot of praying and asking for guidance. I thank God for opening the doors that have brought me to where I am today. HE did it. I am so grateful for the healing.

Testimony 3

I've spent years trying to control and heal my life-long Candida issues. Been doing TRS spray for 3 months now, and I no longer have Candida overgrowth or any skin or thrush or sugar cravings or other issues. I also did a parasite cleanse. Best to do that after a month or so of doing TRS for best results. Absolutely amazing and necessary for everyone. I feel so grateful for TRS.

Testimony 4

Okay, so I don't have anything too exciting to share. But thought it was cool. We started TRS on April 10.1 haven't really noticed anything different other than more regular bowel movements. However, I went to my doctor a couple of weeks ago, and my microscopy showed basically NO toxins or Candida. 8 months ago, it was full of it! (Although we live a clean and non-toxic lifestyle.) The only thing I can pinpoint is TRS doing its job.

Testimony 5

We've been on it 4 weeks. My son's stutter has improved dramatically! My husband had an eye twitch that bothered him daily for the previous 3-4 months. He hasn't noticed a twitch since his first-week of TRS. But we've by far seen the most improvement in my 17-month-old! She was only saying 3 words and was kind of living in a cloud, not really making a lot of eye contact. After 4 weeks of TRS, she has added 10+ new words and is so much more smiley and interactive. She's just feeling so much more present! Her left eyelid has also been a little droopy since she was just a few months old. It isn't recognizable now! She has suffered with constipation since her 6-month vaccines (which I didn't realize was the cause until I finally woke up). Within the first week of TRS, she started passing Candida! She is becoming more "regular:' Her guts are totally healing! I can't wait to see our family continue to heal through this!

Testimony 6

My TRS testimonial. Please share! My back story and why I started using TRS to detox myself and my kids. I believe I am very toxic, more so than my 2 sisters. I believe I have MTHFR genetic mutation; my parents said I had reac­action to my childhood vaccines my sisters did not have. I had severe asthma, repeated ear infections, tons of antibiotics, steroids, allergies, problems with reading, lazy eye, was very shy and withdrawn, a picky eater, and several sensory issues. I believe I passed this toxicity to my kids. I now have PCOS, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, insulin re­sistance, asthma issues, anxiety, astigmatism, bloating, joint pain, vision problems, food sensitivities, and what I believe is overgrowth. Since I have started TRS, I have noticed several things:


Ringing in the ears when I first started

A few nightmares when I first started

A couple of days feeling off and tired

Headache from a change in vision/astigmatism

A mild increase in food sensitivity bloating/knee joint pain that went away

Random Canker sore


Increased sense of peace

Eye floaters in bad eye have improved

Stronger connection with the earth/family

Improvement in the astigmatism in my left eye amblyopia (lazy eye)

I just noticed today that it has improved!

Severe Dry/sensitive eyes gone

Skin/hair/scalp is not as dry

Postpartum hair loss has decreased

Teeth sensitivity went away

Slightly high blood pressure is normal

Sugar, chocolate, and carb cravings are gone

Less moody, more patience with my kids

Calve cramps I've had for years are gone

Increased feeling in my back shoulder blade that often went numb Joint and back pain is gone

Frequent urge to urinate has decreased

Carpal tunnel/tingling fingers is gone

Less anxiety, don't get overwhelmed as easily

Stomach has gotten flatter

Asthma breathing issues are better

Deeper sleep/vivid dreams

Wake up more restful and energized

Amazing energy and productivity even with infant twins, a toddler, and a special needs child


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