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Breast Implants & Heavy Metals

Heavy metal toxicity within the body can disrupt metabolic function and damage the kidneys, brain, liver, and central nervous system. Both saline and silicone FDA-approved breast implants contain heavy metals like tin, zinc, platinum (which can cross the blood-brain barrier and damage brain cells) as well as lead, cadmium, mercury arsenic, as either ingredients or part of the manufacturing process.

These implants can be dangerous even when they don't rupture. Stud­ies show that the heavy metals in silicone gel can seep through an intact shell in what's known as "gel bleed."


Is it safe to use TRS with breast implants still in your body? Or will it break down the implant? Or cause leaching?

Yes! TRS is safe to use with your implants! It is a passive chelator, so it will not break anything down or cause leaching. What it will do is mop up the toxins that have leached off into the bloodstream!

It is recommended to use TRS for a minimum of 6 months and 6 bot­tles each to see significant gains. Some people are satisfied with their progress and choose to stop at that point; some families continue on beyond that, as they continue to see more and more gains!


I had saline breast implants for 6 years. Also pregnant with them inside me. Removed last May. One week on TRS update. 1 to 2 sprays a day.

-My face is clearer yet a little dry

-Chin and upper lip hair thinning out

-Gray hair growing in dark

-I don't chronically hurt anymore

-Less depressed and thoughts more clear, no brain fog

-More energy, great mood

- Way more aroused and loving

-Don't feel like eating all day yet have sugar cravings at times (detox)

actually crave veggies, fruit and salad, mostly

-I use to feel heavy physically and mentally. I'm so light and calm now and light-hearted. I laugh; My 2-year-old son, who is physically behind and can't walk, is standing more stable. His speech, which was hard to understand, is more

clear. He has said a ton of new words and small sentences. His attitude is

better, and he is more loving. I am sure there are more good things like

less random itchiness.


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