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Beneficial Nutrients & TRS

The essential minerals are in a neutral salt form in our bodies. The zeolite is not attracted to the lesser ionic charges that these nutrients possess. The toxins, however, are not used in the body and thus are not converted to salts but rather sequestered in the body, waiting for TRS to remove them. As soon as a body identi­fies a mineral as beneficial, the body brings in other elements to change the raw mineral to another compound (usually a salt) which effectively has a neutral ionic charge. Consequently, the mineral is unavailable for exchange with TRS. For example, the body has ferritin, not pure iron. Also, the body does not have magnesium (which is very reactive and volatile) but rather mag­nesium citrate, calcite, and so on.

Additionally, the body stores forms of minerals in ways that make it difficult for TRS to remove them. The body only converts elements back to ionic form when the cell is ready to use the mineral. That is done within the indi­vidual cell and is a very quick process. Again, it is not conducive for removal via TRS. If the mineral is in excess or is for any reason not converted to a slat for the body, the TRS may remove that excess.


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