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Anxiety Testimonies

Testimony 1

Testimony 2

I just ended a year-long journey taking TRS consistently after sitting on the sidelines watching and reading testimonials for at least 2 years before I decided to make the jump to start to heal my body. I started on January 3, 2020, and stopped on January 3, 2021. I'm now giving my body a couple of weeks off, and then I'll start taking 1 spray a day/­maintenance spray.

Vacc***, overload of mercury fillings (now gone), many doses of an­esthesia for various reasons, and a nuclear stress test all contributed to several health issues. This, of course, does not even take into account food, air, environmental contributors. I can go on and on, but I'd rather just tell you what gains I experienced in the last year, some of which have been very recent. The dark circles under my eyes, as well as the darkening of my eyelids, which I believe were due to liver issues, have now returned to a much lighter, more normal color. They cleared up. I mean, they got so bad that no amount of concealer would help. And now it's no longer an issue. My floaters are now gone. Thinning hair filled back in (this got especially bad after that nuclear test). My hair got much longer after a long period of my length not growing. My brown murky eyes changed color to a much lighter, brighter color, brown. They look so clear now. I have expelled parasites and liver flukes, and who knows what else for many months.

The chronic constipation that I have had for decades got progressively better. However, it was within the last month that I started going nearly every day, which is a big, big deal as it was common for me to only "go" once a week - for decades! And I have much, much, much, more "com­plete" bowel movements. It's amazing. I'm glad I hung on for the full year because I was not experiencing this at the 6 month mark. I'm more clear thinking, and my emotions are more balanced. Anxiety has great­ly decreased. Nails seem stronger and clearer. Starting on January 1, 2021, I decided to get serious, and I embarked on a new journey to fur­ther my health gains by going sugar-free, dairy-free, no pasta, no bread (with minor exceptions), or rice (makes me constipated). I've been a vegetarian since 2013, and it's caused me to gain quite a bit of weight. I look forward to what this year will bring me.

UPDATE I forgot to write that my yearly seasonal allergies have disap­peared this year! No constant eye tearing, no tearing at all! Wow. UPDATE I also forgot to mention the perpetual white coating on my tongue is gone. I now know what a normal tongue is supposed to look like. UPDATE I forgot to mention my sparse left eyebrow has grown back fuller, filled in.

Testimony 3

About at the 2 week mark: Brain fog is GONE! This was one of the main reasons I started the detox. I'm Sleeping at night. I could go 36-48 hours without sleeping a few times a week. Less irritable, anxiety isn't an issue anymore, overall happier. My thoughts & vision seem so clear - it's hard To explain. It's as though everything was clouded & now it's just gone. I have my entire family on the detox. Youngest being 2 years old. My husband is trying to detox to help his psoriasis. I can't wait to update on the journeys we have.

Testimony 4

TRS was our family's saving grace. It cured my bumps on my arms I've had since my teens; it has helped my anxiety, cleared my foggy brain, made me want to read books again, made me want to get more done in my day. For my kids, it has helped them focus harder and talk a lot more. For my fiance, it has made him stop taking pain pills that he has been addicted to. We love TRS.

Testimony 5

I'm on day 6 and sleeping ALL night long. I've been dreaming more too. Daily since starting. I usually am up throughout the night and finally doze around 3 or 4 before TRS and wanna sleep in til 11 or noon. Today I woke up at 8 am fully rested.

Testimony 6

Changed my life completely. I haven't had anxiety, panic attacks, or insomnia since detoxing. I do have to do maintenance doses or I can feel it creeping back.

Testimony 7

I have another testimonial for you! Every year I take my son to get his picture taken with the mall Santa (except when he was a newborn, 12/22/15) and then again at Easter with the Bunny. With each visit, there were more tantrums, more crying, and I would feel like such a bad Mom for putting my son through that when he was so miserable. But we don't do family pictures, and despite the not-so-perfect pictures, these are pictures I will have forever. Plus I give them to family. So as we're walking up to get in line today, I started getting anxiety be­cause I knew what was about to happen .... or so I thought. I told the photographer that my son has Autism and asked if Santa does anything different. He said yes and went up to Santa to let him know. I was then told, that Santa also has a child on the spectrum. I walked up to Santa and told him them Mason loves the show "DinosaurTrain," and if he started talking about Dinosaurs, he might not be so afraid. Mason got so excited that Santa knew all about his favorite show, and he started naming the characters. I've never seen my son this excited unless he's watching the actual show. In fact, he was singing the introduction song just hours prior to our trip to the mall. The pictures speak for themselves! When we saw the Easter Bunny in April, Mason's siblings were with us and had to get in the photo with him since he wouldn't go anywhere near the Bunny. I under­stand that there are still people that still aren't convinced that TRS actually works. But in the 2 months, my son's been on it, we've experienced so many gains. Today was just another example of how far he's come in such a short time. It also didn't hurt that Santa already knew all about Dinosaur Train, and that definitely helped. I cried happy tears in front of everyone today and didn't even care. This product is amazing. I'm one happy Mama!

Testimony 8

A testimony after 1 year on TRS:

My entire life, I've been battling with a few issues. Things such as severe OCD, depression, social anxiety, & PCOS. It was really difficult to deal with as a child/teenager. I was also fully vaccinated up until my teen years. I received all 3 of the Gardisil shots (& had bad reactions to them). After receiving those shots, all of my original issues had become WORSE. I spent years looking for answers; I felt so alone in my battle.

When I was about 18, I finally decided to try antidepressants. It was my last resort option, but at this point, I was desperate to feel better! After being on them for about 1 year, I knew deep down it wasn't right for me so I stopped. After that, I began doing heavy truth-seeking for a few years.

About 2 years ago, I found out about TRS. I was nervous & skeptical, so I spent several months reading about it/reading other people's testimo­nies. But last year, I finally made the jump & bought a bottle. I started off slow at 1 spray per day. I immediately started having VERY vivid dreams, nightmares more often, more emotional, & I went through a few "angry patches," which eventually subsided.

Over the past year, I wasn't always consistent in taking TRS. There were times I experimented with the dose &tried taking 5 sprays. But the detox symptoms were too intense for me. I've also taken a few small breaks from it. BUT at this point in time .. I am now 23. & I have been consistently doing 2-3 sprays daily for the past 2 months or so.

For the first time in my life .... I can feel the depression, suicidal thoughts, & darkness drifting away. I've also been slowly starting to feel ALOT more comfortable in social situations. I feel less shy & afraid. My period has regulated. My sleep cycle has improved (I sleep deeper & have dreams nightly). And most recently, I've noticed a huge improve­ment in my OCD. *thoughts are less negative; I'm able to stop myself easier when it comes to OCD rituals, less over-thinking*. Overall, I'm able to think more clearly & regulate my emotions/thoughts better.

I'm TRULY shocked & amazed at the results, you guys. From going my whole life feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, & in pain ... to now seeing a brighter side to life. There are really no words to describe it. I have a LONG way to go still, but I'm going to continue doing 2-3 sprays daily until I feel more comfortable upping it. I was SO skeptical in the begin­ning of this journey, but I'm so glad I took that chance. Also, thank you to everyone in this group because you sharing your experiences/testi­monies has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I no longer feel alone.


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