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Acne & Heavy Metals

Sometimes a pimple is just a pimple, but many times it's a sign our bodies need some extra care. Our skin often re­flects overall health. As our largest organ, it can signal that something deeper needs looking after. We often think of acne as being isolated to the skin, but if we look deeper, we can see there are systemic issues going on. Yes, we should be caring for our skin with external mea­sures to keep pores clear, but we need to be caring for our bodies as well. Poor diet, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, and toxins and heavy metals are often the real culprits behind a chronic acne problem.

Heavy metals include iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and lead. They interact with free radicals, which then attack collagen fibers in the skin. (It's the loss of collagen that ap­parently leads to jowls, fine lines, and crow's-feet.) Heavy metals also convert the skin's oils into a waxy, gland-blocking substance, resulting in acne, blackheads, stretched-out pores, redness, and irritation. Calcium, while not a heavy metal, is its own villain; it makes water "hard," which causes dull, dry skin and hair. And if that weren't enough, sulfates worsen the situation by anchor­ing heavy metals to the skin.

Heavy metal toxicity causes most of its problems by inter­fering with metabolic pathways. Rapid hormonal changes in adolescents cause rapid changes in metabolic path­ways, a normal progression of becoming an adult. When heavy metal toxins are present, these rapidly changing metabolic pathways are dis-regulated, resulting in adoles­cent acne. Heavy metals are very hard to get out of the body, but not with TRS. It is recommended to stay on TRS for at least 6 months to get to the most deeply rooted heavy metals.

If free radicals are not neutralized, they can cause prema­ture aging, acne, immune dysfunction and a myriad of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzhei­mer's and Parkinson's disease. The zeolite in TRS has pow­erful antioxidant properties. Its structure not only traps toxins such as heavy metals but also free radical mole­cules. However, unlike classic antioxidants, zeolites do not neutralize free radicals by donating an electron to sta­bilize them. Instead, the structure of the zeolite is such that it captures the free radical and locks it safely away so that it cannot harm the body. Once trapped in the zeolite, the inactivated free radicals can then safely be eliminated from the body.

Also, the more toxic metals residing in the body, the higher the free radical activity. Heavy metals in the body exponentially increase free radical activity, and today ev­eryone has far more heavy metals than ever. Thus, re­moving toxic metals from the body will signiicantly reduce the number and activity of free radicals.

Aluminum depletes antioxidants and gives birth to acne. Scientists have previously noted high concentrations of aluminum in cancerous breast tissue. They're particularly worried because breast cancer among men has doubled over the past three decades to almost 300 cases per year, in a tight correlation to chemical deodorant usage. The fear is so widespread that the UK's page has an entire article about it.

The relevance for acne? Cancer is linked to oxidative stress or a massive depletion of antioxidants and an in­crease in free radicals. Aluminum exposure may there­fore do the same, and indeed, tons of studies have sug­gested the destruction of the pivotal acne antioxidant glu­tathione.

ONE: this Pakistani study analyzed the effect of aluminum on bloodstream glutathione. A "decrease was observed; with a "time-dependent effect of aluminum on

Glutathione level."

TWO: this study tested aluminum on oxidative stress in the small intestine (important for nutrient absorption) of male rats and produced a "significant reduction of glutathione

content:· Lipid peroxides, the single worst type of free radical for causing acne, were increased by 52%. Glutathione synthase in the intestine was slashed by 26%. How does aluminum achieve this deadly result? Mainly because glutathione has a dual function as a stage 2 detoxifying agent. Glutathione transferase attaches itself to heavy metals and reduces them to a less toxic, easily metabolized form. Jamaican kids with glutathione gene mutations were specifically shown to have higher levels of aluminum.


1. So I have struggled with migraines all my life. I've been on multiple medications for them. I've had to eliminate a lot from my diet; a few years back, I was told I have fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, chron­ic fatigue syndrome, and adult cystic acne. I was put on more medica­tions. I made even more drastic diet changes to get off all my medica­tions. I eat minimal meat, minimal gluten, and no dairy. I have been off my variety of medicines for 21 /2 years now. I just recently started waking up with headaches (which are manageable compared to mi­graines) and joint pain here and there and still got acne for like a week out of the month. I decided to start taking CBD oil and do a TRS cleanse. I've been doing them both for a month now.

2. My headaches went away, I have more energy, and I'm not woken up through the night with the pains in my legs .. and my acne was very minimal this month. I can't wait to see what being on the routine brings me after another month.

3. I believe it's been 4 weeks since me and my daughter started ourTRS Journey, and I wanted to share how much her acne on her back has cleared up since we have been using this. This acne has been here for over a year.

4. Family of 9 on it for 6 weeks. Brain fog is gone, motivation re­turned, deep feeling of joy, severe seasonal allergies never showed up, everyone is sleeping so incredibly well, acne gone down considerably, everyone is getting along better, anger gone, no more mean teasing, ears, and sinuses draining, high-level orga­nizational skills, anxiety has gone down and so much more!

5. It helped my cystic acne on my jawline and behind my ears; it took about 3 weeks, though.


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